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Group of hotel of bright the court of a feudal ruler and Na Hang build new coope
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Group of hotel of bright the court of a feudal ruler (LanghamHotelsInternational) already as most as Chinese passenger amount airline -- southern aviation (Na Hang) signed faithfulness of a client to spend cooperative agreement, it is club of Nahang bright phearl (SkyPearlClub) member offers additional course.

Now, member of club of boat bright phearl stays south any hotels below a Lang Tingqi, include Oakland, Bostonian, Hong Kong, London, Thailand bank of Bai Sha of Lan Da island, Melbourne, los angeles that (the Lang Ting hotel of Pasadena) and Langtinghui member hotel -- Toronto DeltaChelsea hotel and Hong Kong ease east hotel (when EatonHotel) , can win the course that takes 1000 kilometers. Till before April 30, 2008 this paragraph of period, the member still can win take times doubler course.

"As us new public house is in airport of main capital of international hub Beijing first times medium to open business on this summer, built collaboration to give us the chance with Na Hang, to more than 4 million Nahang member of bright phearl club publicizes the brand business that we expand ceaselessly. This will make Chinese client deepens the understanding of pair of our hotels greatly, " group of hotel of international of bright the court of a feudal ruler is sold and BrettButcher of senior vice president says the market so.

"Na Hang's broad home and area network, in making hotel of bright the court of a feudal ruler can permeate our cause client well, because the boat austral this becomes our ideal strategy partner, " BrettButcher complements.

Group of hotel of bright the court of a feudal ruler and 14 banner airline established cooperative relationship, for the whole world member of 100 million much airline offers privilege of course of development.

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