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Shanghai is about to build 5 astral class public houses of first underground of
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In the natural and geological chasm that is as deep as 100 meters, the experience shops, recreational, recreational another fun. Announce " world luxuriant new experience first phase " annulus is judged fair in showing, show, the campaign of 5 astral class hotels of underground of domestic head home and form a complete set plays and travel business establishment, will cast at the complete end 2010 with.

Regard a project as first phase project, construction just will finish apartment of type of 4 hotel of hotel of class of a 5 stars, class of a SamSung, services 2010. Among them hotel of 5 stars class will build wall of the rock inside hole of the one big stone other hill of horse of Yutian of v/arc be on the throne to go up. This hole is an artificial quarry formerly, pit depth makes an appointment with 100 meters, all around cliff, the course figures 10 years of vicissitudes of life, hole bottom formed laky. The hotel will extend water from hole bottom, surface above is many 400 guest room, surface is benthic dining-room and cafe below.

Cover suitably to it, amuse lie fallow to consume a center to also develop synchronism for large experience type of the theme. Heaven and earth of the Eden on center of recreation of the establishment of indoor You Le that experiences the center will configure all sorts of mad stimulation, wonderful marine world, health body, water, movie and TV, super shopping centers, and the service facilities such as cate come or flow together.

From what announced yesterday annulus is judged show in the report, in main body project, ground of hotel of 5 stars class 1, 2 (on hole) will install center of dining-room, conference, recreation, public house is big; Underground 1 reach 2 (below hole) basically be guest room area. In the underground that is located in lower part of hole ground water 18, the hotel will set the establishment of form a complete set such as hydrotherapy room, dining-room and coffee hall, recreation. And v/arc be on the throne at the most rock-bottom underground 19, will still guest room rests for tourist accommodation. The citizen can fall " 100 meters of geological hole " taste coffee.

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