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Capital of push forward of pattern of management of sea day hotel takes over man
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Sea day hotel manages mode to enclothe Shandong, sea weather pattern walks into Shanghai, mode of sea day south moves toward maturity... the great progress that accompanying sea day, sea day person harvests joyance ceaselessly. Recently, sea day takes over 10 thousand birthday guesthouse of administrative capital Beijing in the round again, the mark is worn the another development of sea weather pattern.

Xi Yan of extremely big hotel made the same score general manager of 10 thousand birthday guesthouse Zhu Guiping and Qingdao sea on Feburary 23, 2008 general manager is in Beijing center of conference of guesthouse of 10 thousand birthday, signed jointly on behalf of both sides " entrust administrative contract book in the round " , entrust Qingdao sea extremely big hotel to Beijing guesthouse of 10 thousand birthday undertakes be commissioned in the round administrative.

It is reported, be located in Chang'an Street along the line on the west the 10 thousand birthday guesthouse of Beijing of journey of the 10 thousand life outside 3 annulus, guesthouse covers an area of 70 mus, you Yidong advocate a building, international communication center that matchs a building to reach more than 20000 square metre is comprised. Have guest room many 360, size auditoria reachs more than 700 eat more than 10 times, it is Beijing enjoy inside the area " small Diaoyutai " beautiful praise garden type guesthouse. Heart part is the modern hotel that builds by level of 4 stars grade in the international communication of this guesthouse, will do business at trying before 2008 Olympic Games. Sea day person will manage mode, advanced management concept according to sea day hotel, fashion into of guesthouse of 10 thousand birthday a modern international hotel.

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