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The hotel that west lake of a look out can lay down
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Every city has his romance, every city has his style, the method that finds them is very simple, go the hotel with this the greatest city goes, what there is a town over there is all, putting the person in the city the dream to the home, putting the person in the city the imagination to the life. Walk into a hotel, put the heart over. Where is the heart, where is your home. " hotel " what should present you is these stories that affect life quality, those can weigh excellent fashionable sample book.

Before the revolving door coming back that crosses song mind, the impression of heart of singing in antiphonal style can be used " high-key " will describe. Everyday the car goes in the evening the river in coming is worn high on, that building floor with top the east supports, whirly type ground is twinkling " song heart big public house " , along the outline that builds building top, metempsychosis of circuit circuit ground is broadcasted. Beginning to think is advertisement, in fact that building is song heart, this perhaps is the hotel label with the most high-key Hangzhou. "Hear of song heart big public house decorate very luxurious! " this is listen to the song heart impression that come from mouth of a friend.

I say this word to the song to the market of heart sells Jason of assistant inspector general to listen, he just is laughing to keep shaking one's head, "Decorating is very with great quantity, can find few points to cost casually in our hotel about a hundred of 10 thousand decorate or decorate, nevertheless, what hotel itself is not fokelore is so high-key, we just want to make public house of a high-quality goods. " the hotel that Jason generalized this to make my hear of long already with a word, the English name of song heart big public house Goethe, in the meaning that song spy is in English. Element of architectural of song spy type can be found everywhere in the hotel, say so, the origin of hotel name actually very pure. So, have many after all with great quantity costly, service of what kind of high-quality goods can you meet unexpectedly again in high-quality goods hotel?

Look out west lake lays down so

Public house of Shanghai Jin Maojun Yue is the famousest is OK the night scene that bubble watchs yellow Pu Jiang in bath crock. Be in Hangzhou, the west lake perhaps is the view that each hotel thinks race to control most. Want to see the beautiful scenery of the west lake also does not need to be by the side of the west lake, the seat that wants me only is quite tall. This is the biggest in the flatlet of song heart big public house feeling. Look out west lake lays down so. In song heart, the big bed of all administration flatlet faces a west lake, besides lake scene, the city situation of Hangzhou also resembles this city euqally delicate.

What must carry in the flatlet of look out west lake is its presidential flatlet, super and luxurious place is decorated in fokelore namely. The carpet of real silk abb of 2.8 million yuan Da Vinci furniture, sitting room reflects value luxuriously namely. The style of complete Ou Shi perhaps is the method with another kind of costly promotion, differ with a lot of business affairs hotel, what song heart goes 31 layers of the hotel with all 32 guest room greatly is classic Ou Shifeng, the furniture that suckles white adds metallic carve patterns or designs on woodwork. The bath crock of every toilet is the dome of form of a hemisphere on the top, the hand draw design that comes from beautiful courtyard painter is on dome, lilac flower deserves to go up weak yellow limb, weak green leaf... the about that perhaps this is the home in mental view of a lot of people, I think the purpose of song heart also depends on this, live where, where is the home.
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