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Hotel of 5 stars class is in second line city is outspread
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Hotel of 5 stars class is in with new round outspread clear tells the world: Second line city is close to commercial heaven more.

Recently, IHG near future is brewing the long British hotel tycoon that appears in Chinese inland market to amount to 24 years with the face such as hotel of intercontinental hotel, imperial crown holiday one round new " circle ground " motion. Among them one home general this year new developed area of south of Chengdu of settle of second half of the year.

Not come singly but in pairs, liu Yong of president of new hope group is good also march in Chengdu announce 佈 industry of hotel of 5 stars class, before this, the hotel of 5 stars class such as sweet case lira, triumphant Yue, 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers revealed his the plan of set up shop 2008.

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