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Shenyang black restaurant comes in " slaughter "
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On March 3, a reader is mirrorred to the reporter, he was encountered in square of Shenyang north station " black " restaurant. Say according to this reader, he asks the clerk has portion meal at that time, the clerk filled a few chop and different green vegetables to him, tell him a little while to seek account of the member that receive silver next.

The member that passed a little while to receive silver comes over to tell him: Chop 24 yuan, green vegetables 10 yuan, rice 6 yuan, 3 dish one meal adds up to 50 yuan of money. This reader has kind of feeling that be deceived immediately. Subsequently he discovers, a lot of plans take the nonlocal guest of bit of meal simply, be informed to want to cost 779 yuan to get on 100 yuan even after this restaurant has a meal.

"Eat what to fill what " have content

4 days afternoon, the reporter comes to square of Shenyang north station, in corridor east below side stair, gules " snack of Shenyang iron circumference " a few words are conspicuous all the more. The reporter follows the passenger of city of two Heilongjiang tender rivers entered this restaurant.

Two passengers look at two meat or fish Lenten when hesitating, flesh of the braise in soy sauce since air hostess dip enters passenger eat dish, extend dish ladle quickly to next course again at the same time. Two passengers do not live say " OK " , eat dish in just be being sent passenger hand.

The meal took an in part, gathering comes before the member that receive silver, two individual altogether 78 yuan. The passenger feels a bit expensive, complain to the member that receive silver say, "Why doesn't so expensive dish tell us? " the member that receive silver replies: "Not be to tell you to eat what to fill what, these are pron yourselves dots. These are pron yourselves dots..

" slaughter " pass by guest

In booking office building on the west inside the cadre of snack of Shenyang iron circumference of side, a clerk tells a reporter, they this dining-room puts in labor of Shenyang north station 's charge to serve company management, pay administration fee to service company. Although the passenger complains dining-room, because be,also meet " oneself person " and end up with nothing definite.

This clerk says, the strategy that they adopt is, unite all sorts of food prices tag, but price tag is by the hammer inside dining-room inconspicuous locally, the passenger of repast can notice far from commonly. And when repast of their accost passenger, say to eat what to fill what only, also do not emphasize the value, when fund has received again after repast, although most passenger is dissatisfactory, but still can hand in money to finish sth.

Say according to this clerk, they are done so can deal with already a few execute the law sectional examination, zhang pays after can letting a passenger eat first again. Because by train the passenger is pass by guest mostly, accordingly they also not quite care to turn round guest.
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