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Capital of hotel of project building travel is flowed into apparent
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TopView(wins rich) hotel of building of decision-making system indication project, travel still has foreign trade industry nearly 5 days the orgnaization undertook be operatinged actively to its. Among them, the project is built board piece medium channel share (16.43, - 0.14, - 0.84% , ) (big yesterday Chan Jing buys 600820) relatively apparent, initiative large sheet is bought occupy than 39.5% , and sell piece for 32.7% . The company is current Shanghai is deep two city are only a major undertakes subterranean tunnel project appear on the market company, depend on technology of construction of tunnel of compose of aegis of soft earth of 30 years of above, stronger competitive dominant position is had in course of study of home market person of the same trade. From great wisdom DDX supervisory system looks, nearly 10 have 9 days to break up in a few days red, short-term fund intervening evidence is clear.

Additional, we still notice a respect like one steam 4 annulus (14.75, 1.34, 9.99% , ) (600742) , match component manufacturer back as a steam one steam group, having intense whole to appear on the market anticipate, at the same time the company also predicts outstanding achievement grows 200% above compared to the same period this year. From the point of TopView data, nearly 5 days of orgnaizations hold a storehouse to rise considerably 3.9% .

Finally, new below the setting of high oil price energy resources board piece medium spaceflight Electromechanical (14.57, - 0.53, - 3.51% , ) (600151) gets again of capital chase after hold in both hands, from Top capital flow direction advisory report sees an orgnaization nearly 5 days flow into one hundred and twenty-eight million and sixty thousand yuan, and large family held a storehouse to also increase 4.183% .

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