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Hua Tian Hotel ready undervalued
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Hua Tian Hotel (000 428) today announced the company's Q3 2010 results, total operating income of 1.002 billion yuan, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 112 million, up respectively 19.5% and 25.8% per Shares gain 0.2 yuan. Gordon shares of the company as a leading tourist hotel enterprises, the main business of rapid growth, mergers and acquisitions integration in full swing, with the broader market jumped 3,000 points on strong pattern of contrast, have significantly underestimated the value of the company, the valuation Fix ready. Economic location advantages Hunan Huatian Group is located in the earth, a unique economic location advantages. Central China strong support of national policy, is to focus on Hunan province Hunan Huatian Group, as shares of leading enterprises in tourist hotels, the lake has also been The provincial government's focus on the south and policy support, the state "Twelve Five" plan to achieve bigger and stronger enterprise groups, the expected integration of industry assets, Tan "society" and the construction of pilot area beyond the river, good background, will be Hua Tian Group's development as an opportunity, will bring along the metro economy hotels, tourism, business, real estate area of great business opportunities. Advantages of Profit Enterprise Group bigger and stronger, and gradually expand the area of profitability. Company invested 40 billion effort to build in Ningxiang gray soup, the target location for the permanent influence of world conferences and forums platinum five-star venue construction - - "Central Hua Tian City" to achieve substantive results, can accommodate 2,500 people met the International Conference Center Hotel has been successfully cap. "Holy Land to build hot springs, building in central Boao" loud voice, aroused much public attention. Hua Tian Hotel, according to the person in charge of the project, the International Conference Center Hotel investment 800 million yuan, covering 300 mu, building area of 17 square meters, nearly 1,000 rooms, with a capacity of 2,500 people a major international conference center and 36 food boxes, 500 restaurants, 200 coffee shops, malls and 5,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor hot spring projects and supporting large-scale recreational facilities. Hotels inside the building with the world's most advanced high-speed elevators, monitoring system System, simultaneous translation system, a large number of sophisticated equipment, to provide customers with luxury hospitality experience. The hotel will ash hot spring water imported rooms, guests can stay at home to enjoy the relaxing hot springs. Meanwhile, the new Hua Tian Group nearly two years, the acquisition of high-star hotel and gradually matured, profitability began to appear; rapid rebound in the economy hotel industry, the occupancy rate increased to bring the company's overall gross margin improvement, bringing the main The rapid growth of the business, make money growing effect. According to the latest development of the strategic planning, Hua Tian Hotel Group will be the core of tourism as the main industry, tourism services extending upstream and downstream industry chain, to "hotel + travel + commercial + estate" in the complex pattern of development, fully into the province Within the core tourism area, and strive to 3-5 years to achieve the Group had hundreds of hotel assets over billions, the company into the most influential, competitive and well-being of the modern tourism enterprise groups. CICC also said the latest research report, Enterprise Group "second Five-Year" plan targeted, integrated assets of the hotel industry worth the wait. Secondary market, led by blue chips in the field, the National Day of the Jedi after the broader market staged a strong counterattack break market, the broader market near a strong shock in 3000, gradually cooling line blue chip, blue-chip will reveal its first second-line Angle, the value is seriously underestimated as a second-line blue-chip quality, Hua Tian Hotel (000 428) in the last five months of the axis of the stock show around 10 per fluctuated pattern, the amount of pre-acceleration can continue to enlarge the callback and displays the main storage and easy transfer Main significantly, the share price gain in six months near the line of strong technical and psychological support, once the average repair, break up, space is very impressive, the proposed bargain involved.