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08 Olympic Gameses year economy hotel grabs the market to spell a service
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To hotel industry, the Olympic Games is the opportunity of rare undoubtedly

At present speed of dilate of brand of part of Chinese economy hotel already achieved 200 % . As 2008 the advent of Beijing Olympic Games, economy chain hotel is faced with again new round rise tepid tide quickly.

To hotel industry, the Olympic Games is the opportunity of rare undoubtedly. Of hotel of Chinese economy chain " big wrist " people it is so OK to won't be missed more old show good luck, each brand hotel was hit " Olympic Games abacus " .

In the meantime, face the Chinese hotel market that expands ceaselessly, the investor crossing a state of numerous smell delicacy also grabs a beach to land in succession, depending on international the beauty of well-known trademark praise spend and accumulate old administrative experience, also be in to domestic economy chain the hotel issues a challenge.

Olympic Games autograph makes an appointment with hotel confused to hit " service card "

Although just be entered 2008, but hotel industry of home is lively and extraordinary already, olympic Games autograph makes an appointment with a hotel to begin to hang out his shingle in succession, the delegate that resembles economy public house is like the home, of hotel of business affairs chain get Lin Haotai of military substance style, the Olympic Games that releases respective brand in succession already year brand strategy. From the whole world that rolls out in succession free hotel is searched, comment on, book a series of products such as the system, see not hard, "Service " the central issue that will note into the end of the year of hotel industry Olympic Games.

"Want to live, we must choose break out of an encirclement " , xu Shuguang of president of hotel management group is opposite Gelinhaotai this call a spade a spade. "Rise abruptly as economy hotel quickly and the drawing near of the Olympic Games, the competition do not have foreword of economy hotel begins the benign development of disturbed market. In the meantime, after foreign strong brand enters home market, use join in wait for management mode to hold market share quickly, below this kind of circumstance, we need to make service of oneself brand diversity and poor dissimilation product quickly, enlarge market share, occupational in market contention battle oneself position, also make oneself effort to receive Beijing Olympic Games at the same time. " Xu Shuguang expresses.

To the choice of breach, xu Shuguang expresses: "What we hit is service card, found true ' global business travel serves an expert ' . This year, we will march hotel of fast star class, still will roll out Hotelgoogle whole world at the same time free hotel search is booked, comment on, a series of products such as the system, implementation brand serves diversity. Come from the price say, have come from 40 yuan 400 multivariate all sorts of choices that differ, the purpose is business travel personage to offer the brand of more administrative levels to change a hotel to serve namely, partake during the Olympic Games the reception of hotel industry pressure and service pressure. Partake during the Olympic Games the reception of hotel industry pressure and service pressure..
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