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Room of hotel of 3000 Olympic Gameses is auctioned on hauling today
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Be in personally of Chongqing if you want to go the spot watchs the Olympic Games, worry again do not order a public house or house price is too high, so, an opportunity places in you now before: Can carry the kind that the contest on the net takes, get house of Olympic Games of weigh in hand ahead of schedule.

100 yuan of bail can participate in capture

Activity of the auction on the network of Olympic Games room that by 7 days of chain hotel and hand push of Sohu net couplet give rises today start. This hotel its Beijing Tianjin two ground are all branch 3000 rooms, the accommodation authority this year August takes the sale on the net. Auction a room every time the accommodation 3 night counterpoises. This action means the person that participate in contest to pat, it is OK to have an opportunity 30 thousand times one wrestle.

As we have learned, the person that participate in contest to pat is not restricted area, should log onto Sohu and website of 7 days of hotels to register only become a member, and pay 100 yuan of bail (or deduct 7 days of members 1000 integral) can participate in contest to pat.

Particular mode of operation is, the contest of every room pats time limit to be a week. Him input of the person that contest is patted thinks likely price, once bade of the person that contest is patted achieves a price to perhaps arrive at contest to take time, contest is patted end, offer a price is top person score the success contest to taste. Online sum pays the person that contest pats a success room fee on 3 days of immanent nets, the system is met instantly defrost bail; If fail to pay on time, its bail will be confiscated as penalty due to breach of contract.

Excessive price will present commonweal cause

Zheng Nayan of CEO of hotel of 7 days of chain expresses, conducting this activity is to let spot of Beijing, ferry watch the citizen of battle Olympic Games, give a cost lower.

According to introducing, this second contest takes an activity a valence, price is sent since set, donate valence to wait. Real contest pats valence to donate the part of valence to will be used at commonweal to donate entirely more than. The contest that what start at present is the first phase is patted, time ends on Feburary 29, valence is patted to be 100 yuan since / the room is late, a price is 970 yuan / the room is late, donate valence to be 700 yuan / the room is late.

President of banquet of Sohu company couplet holds Xin of king of presiding sale official concurrently to express, "Regard Wu of kimono of content of Internet of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games as the sponsor, sohu is very glad to can use oneself platform, watch an Olympic Games to offer the alternative with convenient and quick more for the netizen. This hand in hand hotel of 7 days of chain, yield benefit in order to make public the form that contest takes at the netizen, want to promote the spirit of fair, commonweal namely, can let consumer be benefited already, can let enterprise and society be benefited again.
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