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Set up shop of ran of hotel of abroad of flourishing of guest of Beijing Olympic
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As the drawing near of Beijing Olympic Games, the hotel is booked become close all the more spruce, partial Beijing hotel already was booked one sky, grab more passenger flow to contend for, foreign hotel is running in succession set up shop, had begun 100 meters of sprint at present.

The part already can be ordered without the room during hotel Olympic Games

"4 hotels of our Beijing are the hotel that the Olympic Games Organizing Committee appoints, because this guest room of 70% is united by them,allocate, remain the guest room of 30% to be arranged by ourselves, already basic arrangement was over, one part is to arrange client of business affairs come-and-go, the global hotel system that has adopted us partly is booked went out. " Jin Jianping of vice president of administration of group of hotel of sweet case lira tells a reporter.

The reporter understands, group of hotel of sweet case lira includes the center in Hejia of center of trade of old hotel of hotel of sweet case lira, China, nation in 4 hotels of Beijing. According to intercontinental hotel group Tao Yue of manager of public relations of big China area introduces, they are in Beijing already 9 some hotels, still accepting a client to book in succession besides quick holiday brand outside, of other public house 80% already made an appointment with with autograph of Olympic Games Organizing Committee.

Have media coverage, during the Olympic Games not only guest room is close spruce, also went up even the price many. At present SamSung class guesthouse is controlled 300 yuan everyday, 4 stars class is controlled 500 yuan everyday, and predict 4 stars class will amount to 4000 yuan or so every night during the Olympic Games, samSung class is controlled 2400 yuan every night, accurate SamSung class is controlled 2000 yuan every night. This price is current still book valence, receiving a company less according to saying is issue sheet with this price. But this price takes a room very hard already, because already was contended for by travel agent and relevant orgnaization for the most part,ordered.

Foreign hotel is in Beijing " run " move set up shop

Huge market demand accelerated the outspread rate of foreign hotel, who grabbed territory under one's control first, who grabbed Olympic Games business chance, they entered 100 meters of final sprint.

Tall harbour of CEO of whole world of intercontinental hotel group will tell a reporter: "At present we have 9 public houses in Beijing, meet this year reopen 8, among them, in the hotel of intercontinental of boreal celestial bodies of village of Beijing Olympic Games, also be current exclusive a hotel in Olympic Games village, can regard the international media of the Olympic Games as the center in the future. Beijing is intercontinental hotel group has the city with hotel maximum amount in China at present. Beijing is intercontinental hotel group has the city with hotel maximum amount in China at present..
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