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Infrequent blizzard is prosperous hotel industry
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Infrequent blizzard is prosperous hotel industry

Hubei east the lake changes " aspic lake " , jiangsu lot comes 10 years weather of infrequent snow of large area strong rain, the traffic of Hunan still is in " break down partly " condition... near future of infrequent weather of cold rain snow invaded our country south major area, also brought have not to had had to the Guangdong tourism of original in full swing at the same time " blizzard " .

Arrive all the time since yesterday before the Spring Festival, the train on all Guangzhou north, bus, drive oneself tourism group is made stop entirely. Want to be in originally this year Spring Festival golden week " earn brushstroke greatly " each are big travel agent, experience " SARS " later most severe blow.

Because cancelled 51 golden weeks, each are big travel agent predicts Spring Festival golden week will make throughout history this year most a golden week of flourishing, receive a visitor in Spring Festival golden week accordingly firm in the begining, travel agent takes a place to area of airline, scene, tourist attraction, hotel with great quantity, some travel agent arrive to take a cheap price, one-time even buy outright room of on 1000 hotels. Additional, because the golden week this year begins from the New Year's Eve, still have a few travel agent the package fell the New Year's Eve the entrance ticket of tourist attraction of area of partial province indoor scene that day and hotel.

Weather is harsh

Viatic group is forced to cancel or change the date

However, the blizzard of arise suddenly makes a situation sharp and fall, the go on a journey before the section of Guangzhou encounters " snow hides " .

"26 days short ~27 day between two climate, the tourism group that the catchment of past Jiangxi, Hunan the Yangtse River before us heads is forced to cancel because of airliner problem, " when extensive force accepts our newspaper reporter to interview about chief, express, "The tourist that suffers an effect has 200 much people, had returned round money entirely according to the tourist's requirement or change the date sets out. Had returned round money entirely according to the tourist's requirement or change the date sets out..

Make sail of department general manager swims to accept the call a spade a spade when our newspaper reporter interviews outside province of Guangdong nation force: Join round number toward the Spring Festival of and other places of Hunan, Hubei, Anhui this year will acute is decreased.

As we have learned, because as it happens encounters middle and primary school to be born,be on winter vocation, each accept guest case before travel agent section greatly special ideal, but the aircraft group that at present these fly to catchment of the Yangtse River to be taken is forced to cancel, the go on a journey before travel agent section suffers basically " cutting sb in two at the waist " .
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