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Traffic of south disaster area restores hopeful of price of dish of Beijing Spri
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Report from our correspondent (the reporter is gentle and quiet) the reporter sent the know of terminal market of much home agriculture products such as the ground anew yesterday, restore as disaster area traffic, carriage vegetable touchs Beijing in succession since car this day, vegetable appears on the market the quantity will pick up, hopeful of price of this city vegetable drops during the Spring Festival.

Relevant controller introduces market of new hair ground, below normal circumstance, the day that delivers ground market vegetable newly appears on the market the quantity is in 11 million, 12 million kilograms, fruity day appears on the market the quantity is controlled in 15 million kilograms, and vegetable and fruity appeared on the market on January 29 the quantity decreased 3 into many. Accordingly, price of vegetable of this city near future rises bigger.

Relevant controller represented market of new hair ground yesterday, at present Wuhan already alleviated somewhat with circumstance of traffic suffocate suffocate, the fruit dish that is blocked up on the road will touch Beijing in succession, accordingly the price will fall during the festival. In addition, the market is connecting associate brother market and base of production of link up with to allocate the measure such as supply of goods, ensure the supply of agriculture products of Spring Festival market. Market respect warns a citizen, did not want to be purchased centrally recently, beijing won't appear during the festival produce shortage circumstance.

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