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Hotel company publishs commitment: Do not rise in price during the Spring Festiv
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More than 70 company that holds mainstream position in industry of Xi'an city meal, hotel yesterday publishs commitment to the society jointly however: Of all kinds product and service are same during the Spring Festival do not rise in price, they are given out to company of whole town meal, hotel " wind snow has feeling without the lover, scrupulously abide by Shang Dexian love " proposal.

Last year since second half of the year, head with pork farming by-product price all appears of different level rise. Major area of near future whole nation sufferred the blizzard that does not encounter 50 years again, affected order of the production with road transportation and normal masses, life badly. This brought bigger impact to the management of company of our city meal, hotel. According to water company concerns personage statistic on the west, go oneself since the end of the year, the edible oil that they purchase rose in price about 20% , flour rose about 15% , pork rose about 30% , overall calculate come down, raw material is overall rise in price extent was achieved 18% the left and right sides.

Face cost to rise pressure, industry of meal is in city, hotel holds company of more than 70 meal of mainstream position, hotel, the consumptive busy season that decides shortly will come -- during the Spring Festival, all sorts of products and service are same do not rise in price. In these enterprises, include company of meal of many 10 well-known old name, grow like hair of Xi'an restaurant, Home Laosun restaurant, Tong Chengxiang, heart, spring happen, 51 restaurant, still include restaurant of hotel of big public house of guesthouse of garden of water of short for Weihe River, brilliance, northwest, the central Shaanxi plain, victory to wait large and medium-sized hotel, these company place belong to a site to spread all over whole town, industry of meal is in city, hotel is holding significant market share, their price action is sure to produce positive effect to industry of meal, hotel.

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