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Economy hotel " the Olympic Games is actuation " it is which kinds
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Economy hotel big wrist " drive up " house price

Begin from November 2007, home is in a few times " mainstream position " economy chain hotel begins vivid capriole to come, the star that is like the home, bright and beautiful river, fast 8 etc in succession high-key announce to sell an Olympic Games guest room, the price differs to thousands of yuan from hundreds of yuan. Although be economy hotel, but price of house of its Olympic Games is wasteful however. The Olympic Games guest room that the star of bright and beautiful river rolls out is aimed at the client that the astral member of river of hold bright and beautiful blocks only, the price differs to 699 yuan from 399 yuan. And the price that interlinks inn greatly each like Beijing of domestic public house criterion according to type of situation, room differ to 2500 yuan from 999 yuan, most " luxurious " room price achieved 2500 yuan of above even, can is compared " Olympic Games autograph makes an appointment with hotel of 5 stars class " . Fast the house price of 8 chain hotel and comparative roughly like the home.

"7 days " clever act " amicability figure "

On December 21, 2007, denounce begins in public opinion the illicit that these economy hotel is oneself, during borrowing an Olympic Games, earn wantonly " ill-gotten wealth " when, group of hotel of 7 days of chain announces to will take out match seat Beijing ferry the whole branch guest room during two ground Olympic Games " face the whole world " vendue, many 90 thousand room set highest price fixing.

Hotel of 7 days of chain is presiding apparitor Zheng Na Yan expresses to media, the Olympic Games is not equal to sudden huge profits, 7 days open fire this to costly case with vendue means, think namely " the spirit that promotes fair, public welfare, can let consumer be benefited already, can let enterprise and society be benefited again, more actively drives industry health to develop " . According to saying, this highest price fixing meets guest room on sale for certain far under the part " seek sudden huge profits " the maximum price that economy hotel rolls out, the capital that exceeds ceiling will be donated with the means of commonweal come out, will be announced to whole society and accept supervise.

The market decides destiny of room of day price economy finally

An elder travel expert of domestic expresses, at present the government did not have control to hotel price. The Olympic Games Organizing Committee just also made an appointment with means to rise to stablize action certainly to price of Olympic Games house through the autograph. No matter be high-end hotel or economy hotel, its price still basically relies on market supply and demand to adjust. Will look with respect to the data that at present Beijing tourism bureau publishs, the amount of hotel guest room of Beijing can satisfy the need when Olympic Games highest peak completely, nonexistent the circumstance that demand exceeds supply. Below this kind of circumstance, house price meets the Olympic Games finally reach a reasonable level in wave motion. So, no matter be like,be the home, fast the higher-priced of 8, or " 7 days " auction behavior, it is the enterprise is establishing respective image through all sorts of means actually, be a kind special commercialized public relations is politic.
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