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France makes the flight public house of all ready of recreational recreation est
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To come true " green travels " , at present of company of heart of French horse Sa is developing the name is " man-made cloud " giant aeroboat. It is fuel with helium gas, highest speed per hour is 160 kilometers, can carry 40 passengers and 15 steward at the same time, quiet round-the-world brigade is finished in 10 days. Predict " man-made cloud " will take off formally 2020.

This giant aeroboat makes an appointment with 51 meters about 213 meters longly, about 82 meters widely, high. In fuel sufficient condition falls, its are the biggest add boat distance is 5000 kilometers -- United States of enough over or across.

Look from the exterior, it very white like whale, its interior design is very luxurious also, be just as " flight hotel " , have everything that one expects to find of all sorts of recreational recreation establishment: One sets dining-room, library, gym; 2 set 20 guest room; Communal space sets view scene window, hot spring and barroom. Passengers can admire the scenery of 6000 meters of headroom to the top of one's bent.

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