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Business affairs is high-grade model value of hotel Spring Festival plunges
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This year the Spring Festival, the hotel of sweet case lira of very big shop sign rolls out all along in succession special offer room, favourable range is the biggest is the Chinese old hotel that is located in Beijing, advanced guest room is entered during the Spring Festival need 1650 yuan only, be equivalent to at ordinary times of house price 5.5 fold. Meanwhile, the house price of hotel of Shanghai, Beijing each high-grade business affairs of big city will appear to dive substantially.

9 Long Xiangge lira of big public house of lira of sweet case of big public house of the big public house of lira of Pudong sweet case that rolls out the hotel of sweet case lira of favourable house price to still include Shanghai, lira of Chengdu sweet case, Shenzhen, Hong Kong are big the hotel. Besides favourable on the price, the guest still can enjoy all sorts of free service, if wash clothes freely, free self-help breakfast, room gets online freely, defer the time that return a house to wait a moment.

High-grade hotel is very substantial in Shanghai living during the Spring Festival. The reporter understands from net of the journey that carry Cheng, although at the appointed time the flow of each big city guest such as Shanghai, Beijing is very large, tourist and citizen still can order more substantial room beforehand however, especially in of high-grade hotel enter the price, than ferial low still many.

"In big city high-grade hotel price fall, with activity of of all kinds business affairs, meeting exhibits a large number of reducing to have direct correlation during the Spring Festival, " Tang Xiaofeng of senior inspector general says business of hotel of net of the journey that carry Cheng, "The main passenger source of high-grade hotel is business affairs guest in, passenger flow of Spring Festival business affairs is less, each are big the hotel also is moved in succession low the hotel enters the price, extraordinary be to one's profit is entered when arriving, need defray to live in busy season only 4 stars, even the charge of SamSung hotel, with respect to the service that can enjoy 5 stars hotel. With respect to the service that can enjoy 5 stars hotel..

As we have learned, shanghai hotel value is total during the Spring Festival show downtrend, among them of hotel of 4 stars, 5 stars enter the price to drop in 30% the left and right sides, hotel of small bit class enters the price to drop in 10% the following, rental rate all is compared general; Economy hotel case is only better, because each district tourist is entered in great quantities, the value did not change, rental rate is higher also. It is reported, also will appear in the city such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen similar case, in the rental rate of high-grade hotel room is lower, enter the price to also have the adjustment of distinct range, and economy hotel is entered rate is higher, the room is relatively nervous.

In addition, the hotel of the travel city such as Suzhou, Nanjing did not rise in price basically also, because each district tourist is thick as hail,do not pass, the hotel is rental rate is higher, the guest needs in advance to book.
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