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Price of Olympic Games hotel is certain
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Price of Olympic Games hotel is certain

Origin: CCTV international is apart from Beijing Olympic Games to still have the time of a few months, each industries are in prepare, during the hotel recieves an industry to serve as an Olympic Games important recieve a part, had entered what book to the room to allocate level at present.

The autograph made an appointment with the accommodation price of restaurant to also had come down certainly. BOCOG games serves ministry undersecretary Xiang Ping: ?

The autograph makes an appointment with hotel total room to measure about 30 thousand, among them 5 stars class or be equivalent to restaurant of level of 5 stars grade 42, restaurant of 4 stars class 45, samSung class is the following restaurant 33. The autograph makes an appointment with restaurant autograph average price is restaurant of 5 stars class between the standard every night 2799 yuan, restaurant of 4 stars class every night 2155 yuan, samSung class restaurant every night 1466 yuan. " 16 restaurant that at present BOCOG has been the same as the city outside 120 restaurant inside Beijing limits and Beijing were signed " accommodation welcomes an agreement " , granted Beijing the title that government of 2008 Olympic Gameses recieves restaurant. End so far, BOCOG had finished the allocation that 80% accommodation book to work. According to the budget, 2008, beijing Olympic Games predicts to 205 countries and area Olympic committee attend, the athlete makes an appointment with 17 thousand person with the official that follow a line.

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