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Sanitation of food of sell like hot cakes of meal of hotel the eve of the lunar
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Still be less than the time of a week from lunar New Year's Eve, come from the monitoring of door of town Ministry of Public Health to make clear, this year our city meal of each the eve of the lunar New Year of big public house again sell like hot cakes. On January 31 morning, arms of city sanitation superintendent parts a way, to the urban district the circumstance of meal of the eve of the lunar New Year of each old restaurant preparation undertook superintend and director is checked centralized, discover overall condition is satisfactory.

In urban white swan the meal of the eve of the lunar New Year such as big public house, Oriental big public house is booked relatively centralized hotel, check personnel to wait for examination of key position one by one to the hall, wing-room, kitchen. In one hotel kitchen, chopping board, ground all very neat, the staff member also makes final preparation for meal of the eve of the lunar New Year in ground of in an orderly way. But when checking personnel to walk out of a kitchen, discover one man places chopping board on the ground of backstairs mouth however, cutting carnivorous. Examination staff asks the hotel is rectified and reform instantly at once, provide excellent service for the citizen with best wholesome state.

It is reported, to ensure broad citizen spends a restful, auspicious New Year, prevent the happening of the incident such as bromatoxism, begin from January 10, door of town Ministry of Public Health is right large and medium-sized hotel " meal of the eve of the lunar New Year " preparative circumstance begins special punish, the wholesome case that all alone card of circumstance of hold of card of health of the wholesome licence that checks a hotel mainly, employee, product and raw material supervises circumstance, tableware to disinfect establishment to deploy moving circumstance, production to run a course, system taking shape and fulfil a circumstance to wait, up to dispatch in all yesterday sanitation is supervised execute the law personnel 155 much person-time, examination food production runs an unit 626, discover overall and wholesome circumstance is relatively satisfactory.

It is reported, from begin next week, door of Ministry of Public Health investigates key superintend and director rectify and reform fulfil a circumstance. One controller reminds city sanitation supervisory branch, the citizen is like discovery in enjoying process of meal of the eve of the lunar New Year food sanitation closes nevertheless wait for a problem, can dial Zhejiang to save sanitation to supervise complain inform against a phone: 96301.

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