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Swiss Hotel Management Courses special courses PGD
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With the development of tertiary industry in China, more and more people began to invest in tourism, hotel industry, the tremendous potential of the industry. As the birthplace of the Swiss hotel industry, hotel management has been preserved in the mass education System advantages, has become a giant hotel management education sector, so more students are beginning to pay attention to this tradition of the Swiss education, many college students face enormous employment pressure and the huge potential for the hotel industry, open Look at the beginning of their career direction in life and want to join to the hotel management, but while many students are somewhat at a loss, their own non-hotel and tourism management, do not know where to find a leading hotel management Way. The face of the doubts of many students, we discussed the Swiss hotel management education, the next to introduce the characteristics of the Swiss hotel management courses - PGD (Postgraduate Diploma) Postgraduate Diploma Course Process, it is the master of the bridge links the hotel management, but also a shortcut leading to the hotel management. SEG Switzerland's largest hotel management education courses PGD Group SEG Swiss Education Group is Switzerland's largest hotel management education group, hotel management schools in the wonderful, the hotel industry, hotel management training numerous elite. SEG's three schools are kept HIM Butler Institute of Hotel Management, IHTTI Neuchatel hotel management schools, SHMS Swiss hotel management school, the three college graduate diploma courses are offered PGD. We turn next to the hotel management education from the SEG Group, PGD course entry requirements, professional orientation, curriculum and tuition fees and other analysis, we know the whole of Switzerland's leading hotel management education in this unique program. Human entry requirements, a number of professional direction, to meet the needs of students with different professional As far as we know in-depth exploration, SEG's PGD program entry requirements will not be too concerned with theoretical knowledge of students before school, but more emphasis on the potential of students, the students gradually develop into managerial practice personnel. Because This, PGD entry requirements are: university students in school diploma or certificate; IELTS score of 5-5.5 points; student achievement over the past two years of college and so on. SEG's PGD courses available for students to choose four majors are: hotel management, hotel operation and management, exhibition project management, direction, and travel management direction. These professionals have their own characteristics, the hotel Management is mainly focused on the background in the hotel's management, the ability for independent learning, more students good at learning theory; and hotel operations management is mainly focused on the operation of the hotel guests directly to the tube Management departments, and for more active character, and their hotel management students the knowledge gaps of students; exhibition project management direction, it is the hotel industry in the direction of a refined, more suitable for the hotel itself has a basic knowledge Theoretical study and the good students; Tourism Management is the study of a large tourism business management disciplines, the goal is to develop a tourism management expertise to master modern management of tourism enterprises management personnel. Students According to their preferences and personalities to choose their own profession. This user-friendly admission requirements and a number of professional direction, to meet many students wish to join the hotel management, and training management personnel for the hotel industry make a significant contribution. In exploring this course, we understand that the PGD 2010 SEG alumni graduated in Icey, she specialized in Chinese universities is the professional direction of Business Administration in Finance, September 2009 SEG's admission to the SHMS PGD Hospitality Management Professional, in June 2010 the U.S. officially arrived Marriott (Marriott) hotel, a Marriott Hotel next generation of management trainee. She is a large number of PGD alumni, a member of her experience is also confirmed this course PGD Characteristics. Curriculum: the perfect combination of theory and practice PGD SEG one-year course of theoretical study by six months and six months of paid internship formed, can be said that PGD course is a condensed version of undergraduate courses, and aims to: train the students in a short time become a rich wine Store of knowledge management personnel. PGD has the compact course curriculum, strong faculty, good facilities and equipment and so on in the half year to allow students to master the essence of his chosen profession. Completed six months of theoretical knowledge, students can have Selection of professional conduct to the relevant business units paid internship. PGD paid internship is an important part of the course, but also the Swiss hotel management course a major feature. In addition students can choose to practice in Switzerland, also chosen to the other National practice, such as the UK, USA and Australia. Also, students must be in the same hotel internship 4-6 months to complete, through the six-month internship, students will learn not only to better knowledge of hotel management to practice Them to better grasp the essence of hotel management, but also improve their communication skills and foreign languages for their future career lay a solid foundation. Reasonable tuition, life wise investment SEG of PGD course fees, students only need to get their half of the tuition at the school of theoretical study, that students complete PGD courses and accommodation expenses of about 16 million yuan, in the second half is a paid internship, internship in Switzerland have Guaranteed minimum wage, the students paid net of basic spending half a year, will receive about 50,000 yuan in revenue. Income students to cover six months of this internship program for 30% of all charges. Therefore, SEG-year PGD courses The reasonable costs of most students to achieve the ideal of a hotel manager, the most sensible investment success in life. Students completing one-year PGD courses, you can get the school issued by SEG, the hotel industry a high degree of PGD approved postgraduate diploma certificate. At this point, students may choose to continue studies in their studies, complete hotel management MBA or Master degree; which students can start their own hotel business life, with just one year for my own life to create a gorgeous stage. PGD in Switzerland many graduates, we were honored to which the PGD, a SEG Mr. alumni --- Andrew Ooi our interview, he has extensive experience in the hospitality industry, has served as Gloria Plaza Hotel Suzhou , Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong and General Manager of Eaton Hotel Hong Kong and Macau, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Front Office Manager. Reporter: As the PGD graduates, PGD course you think what are the advantages? What it help your business? Mr. Andrew Ooi: curriculum and strength from the point of view, I think that courses like PDG is a shortcut leading to the hotel industry, Why? The one hand it concentrates the Swiss hotel management education to the essence of a century, The other hand, the contemporary hotel industry to meet the diverse needs of hotel personnel. PGD courses I take on the food and beverage, front office, housekeeping and other front-line knowledge of a certain understanding of the hotel the same time, also develop their own analysis Solving abilities and innovative thinking. Six months of paid internship I learned to digest the classroom, broaden my horizons. After work, I learned in Switzerland flexible use of the hotel's daily work, so I won the praise of customers . Reporter: Why is the diploma certificate PGD knock the hotel entrance so important? Mr. Andrew Ooi: This is primarily determined by the hotel industry. Practical operation of the hotel industry is very high skill requirements, theoretical knowledge alone is not enough; the other hand, the hotel is like a small community, all Sectors complement each other, only the kitchen, catering, front office, housekeeping, and so people can have a solid foundation for the cause of rising wind in the sails. The PGD course in itself a very strong practical, high degree of integration of theory and practice, not only professors Comprehensive knowledge of hotel management while also providing valuable internship opportunities. PGD graduates read, I think I can use the "hybrid home" to describe the breadth of knowledge because the students have already covered the theory and operation of the hotel square All things, to enter the real working environment beneficial to the hotel. Reporter: How do you view China hotel industry development in the next 10 years? Mr. Andrew Ooi: United Nations World Tourism Organization has predicted that by 2015 China will become the world's first tourist receiving countries, the fourth largest tourist source country; China inbound overnight tourists will reach 100 million people; domestic tourists will 2.8 billion people; outbound tourism will reach 100 million people; the total travel market will reach 30 million passengers. This will be the development of the hotel industry to provide the most direct driving force. Not difficult to find, in the past few decades, the world's hotel industry In terms of size and industry have taken place in the hotel business philosophy of revolutionary change. The next decade, will be the hotel employees of the decade rising degree of specialization, professional hotel literacy skills, and comprehensive practical operation Quality of the talent will lead the industry. SEG through the course of the PGD, the PGD our understanding of the characteristics of the Swiss course, as Mr. Andrew Ooi said: "PDG program is like a shortcut leading to the hotel industry, it inherits the Swiss Who's the essence of centuries of hotel management, but also to meet the contemporary needs of a wide range of hotel management ", which implements a one year time, the hotel who do not know who trained with extensive knowledge of hotel management who Only.