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Public house of lucky peak house
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Public house of lucky peak housePublic house of lucky peak house introduces

Public house of house of Shanghai luck peak reposes at downtown Yan'an wayside, look down at the road wears the Yan'an of Wan Ting high to sit have the cityscape line with Shanghai attractive beach.
The hotel has 447 luxurious guest room, can the dazzle person view of much appearance of prosperity of general view Shanghai, sit receive green nature landscape, different house the space lets popular feeling Kuang Shenyi, the Ou Liu of magnificent essence Cui lives in fashion, already air is uncommon, go to the lavatory again comfortable.
Repose at the hotel the roof garden of layer of top layer ——34, have little garden popular way, court bar waits.

Public house of lucky peak houseRoom introduction

Single room, luxurious flatlet (one room is one hall, advanced 2 rooms are 2 hall, advanced 2 rooms remarks of 2 hall   : Included a breakfast to price of all on July 31 room house 8 years on May 16

Room of privilege big bed. . . . . . . . .RMB 298 rises

Big bed room. . . . . . . . .RMB 348 rises

Room of business affairs big bed. . . . . . . . .RMB 398 rises

Business affairs double room. . . . . . . . .RMB 458 rises

Luxurious flatlet. . . . . . . . .RMB 698 rises

Advanced 2 rooms 2 hall B. . . . . . . . .RMB 798 rises
Public house of lucky peak houseRecreational facilities

Gymnastical room
Sauna room

Meal establishment

Chinese meal hall

Traffic information

Be apart from from the airport (kilometer) : 6 (be apart from Pudong airport 50 kilometers)
Be apart from from the railway station (kilometer) : 6
Be apart from from downtown (kilometer) : 3
Be apart from from Xu Jiahui (kilometer) : 3

Circumjacent tourist attraction

Yan'an road greenbelt

Hotel address: Yan'an on the west road 1066 (area length peace)
Hotel phone: (86)21-54078280
Hotel fax: 54078290/54078399

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