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Apartment of hotel of foreign international of dark Cheng world
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Apartment of hotel of foreign international of dark Cheng worldApartment of hotel of foreign international of dark Cheng world introduces

Apartment of foreign public house of world of Shanghai dark Cheng is elegant Si Liansuo the service of astral class hotel with subordinate hotel and luxurious apartment add up to the hotel type apartment that is an organic whole, be located in road of Shanghai rainbow plum 3721- - Shanghai has area of vogue and savoured rainbow bridge, ancient north most. Street of cate of idle of Mei Xiu of the Xiaona nation that win universal praise faces south her and rainbow; North receives Yan'an on the west the road wears stereo traffic high, be apart from international to exhibit center and rainbow bridge International Airport Cheng of 20 minutes of cars. Around traffic is convenient, you are transferring the center arrives at Shanghai zoo conveniently, outside beach and comfort garden and other places, superior geographical environment, superexcellent business affairs atmosphere is you the optimal choice of activity of recreational, business affairs.

Hotel apartment serves the public house that offers have everything that one expects to find for you, the hotel boarding house that by senior hotel administrative public figure has administrative will offer the sweet household that has international level to serve to the guest. No matter be recreational,still be business affairs activity, can silver coin in dark Cheng world hotel apartment gets satisfaction.
Apartment of hotel of foreign international of dark Cheng worldRoom introduction

Hotel apartment prepared much money room for you model, showily and refined distinctive interior design color is fashionable; High grade home occupies facility, build the life atmosphere that gives a kind of individuation, sweet elegance for you. Every apartment all deserves to have electric home appliances
Room of business affairs big bed. . . . . . . . .RMB 338 rises

Business affairs odd flatlet. . . . . . . . .RMB 378 rises

Administrative odd flatlet. . . . . . . . .RMB 408 rises

Business affairs double flatlet. . . . . . . . .RMB 408 rises

Traffic information

Be apart from from the airport (kilometer) : 3 (Pudong airport 56 kilometers) , be apart from from Shanghai railway station (kilometer) : 12, be apart from from downtown (kilometer) : 10, developing zone of bridge leaving rainbow is apart from (kilometer) : 2

Circumjacent tourist attraction

Road of plum of new developed area of rainbow bridge developing zone, ancient north, rainbow is recreational street, on the west outskirt park
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