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Apartment of hotel of force of new spatio-temporal luck
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Apartment of hotel of force of new spatio-temporal luckApartment of hotel of force of new spatio-temporal luck introduces

Hotel of Shanghai luck force is located at group of Zhongshan park trade, the square of business affairs of new spatio-temporal international that 2 lines export the subway 7 numbers 2 buildings, traffic is convenient. Flatlet area by 40-70 square metre. Upholstery is luxurious, decorate concise, refined. Business affairs center, gym, tennis court is set inside the building, mural ball house, go up insular coffee, supermarket, bank and large parking lot. The public house is proximate and large shopping centers, it is the good place of Wu of business affairs, travel, meeting.

Room introduction

Business affairs flatlet. . . . . . . . .RMB 380 rises

Flatlet of double entry double bed. . . . . . . . .RMB 380 rises

Advanced flatlet. . . . . . . . .RMB 580 rises

Luxurious flatlet. . . . . . . . .RMB 680 rises

Traffic information

Light course 3, 4 lines: Does orangutan anxious  stop?
The subway 2 lines: Does orangutan anxious  stop Zhui of cowardly of wine Yao Pa?
Airport of bridge leaving rainbow is apart from (kilometer) : 8.5
Pudong International Airport is apart from (kilometer) : 50
Be apart from from Shanghai railway station (kilometer) : 6.5
Be apart from from downtown (kilometer) : 6

Hotel address: Shanghai mayor peaceful area collects plain means 99 (area length peace)
Hotel phone: (86)21-52732679
Hotel fax: (86)21-52729669

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