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East outskirt guesthouse
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East outskirt guesthouse

Shanghai east outskirt guesthouse covers an area of about 1200 mus, afforest area makes an appointment with 950 mus, afforest rate is amounted to 80% , additionally water system area exceeds 100 mus. Guesthouse borders Pudong Zhang Jiang high-tech garden area, route of Dong Linjin section, Xi Linshang's official Shanghai area reachs golf field, Na Lin the main force of Pudong International Airport wadi of landscape of afforest of creek of Zhang Jia of adjacent of Long Dong highway, north, have very advantageous situation and advantaged zoology environment, communication is very easy. Color of house indoor scene happy person, everything needed is ready of of all kinds establishment, it is high-end business affairs, the staying place of travel personage ideal, it is hotel of Shanghai's oldest type of garden of 5 stars class.
Guesthouse has an area hall can accommodate the 900 shindig do not have column of smooth rice guest 300-900 person, all conferences and place of banquet assembly room provided material of the most advanced and perfect seeing and hearing, the dinner service team that more one has sufferred professional training is your activity to make appropriate arrange, offer you enthusiastic and considerate service.

Guesthouse has of all kinds and luxurious guest room, the guest room with refined decorate is containing the concept that “ is this ” with the person and the confluence with artistic adornment of thing square culture. Channel of TV of liquid crystal of word of 32 inches of total number, satellite TV, movie all is provided inside every guest room, confuse you system of air conditioning of long distance call of bar, international, independent control and free broadband interface.

Luxurious single room. . . . . . . . .RMB 1188 rises

Luxurious double room. . . . . . . . .RMB 1288 rises

Luxurious landscape room. . . . . . . . .RMB 1288 rises

Business affairs flatlet. . . . . . . . .RMB 2188 rises

Administrative flatlet. . . . . . . . .RMB 3188 rises
·Be apart from from the airport (kilometer) : 25 (Pudong International Airport 23 kilometers)
·Be apart from from Shanghai railway station (kilometer) : 15
·Be apart from from downtown (kilometer) : 12
·From Zhang Jiang the town is apart from (kilometer) : 2

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