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Apartment of phoenix edifice hotel
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Apartment of phoenix edifice hotel

Golden bridge phoenix reposes in community of international of cloud of green jade of Pudong new developed area, abut Jin Qiao exports treatment area, free tax zone of the Gao Qiao outside drawing near, Zhang Jiang division of high-tech garden area, trade of banking of land home mouth, the establishment of circumjacent form a complete set of the area is all ready, communication is very easy.
Golden bridge phoenix is mixed by two 23 layer apartment composition of a place of 4 luxurious meetings. Apartment exterior shows circular arc model, two buildings all are 2 ladder 3 to 5 rooms. Apartment sets the security personnel establishment of technology of contemporary electron monitoring, set 24 hours of downstage services and convenience supermarket, ensure resident lives and work in peace and contentment. Children pleasure ground is set inside the village sauna of Europe of center of the ground, swimming-pool, fitness, north, hairdressing beautifies hair, center of dining-room of Chinese and Western, bar, ping-pong, business affairs, ATM takes a money machine, underground stops a garage to wait for establishment. Still offer broadband of channel of global satellite telecine, ADSL to get online, the press subscription reachs the service that order a ticket to wait, let what the client stays do not have trouble back at home.
Golden bridge phoenix has a place of 4 luxurious meetings solely, provide numerous recreational recreation and healthy life for the client, also be center of culture of golden bridge area, art, conference communication.

Room introduction

B of flatlet of business affairs standard. . . . . . . . .RMB 518 rises

A of flatlet of business affairs standard. . . . . . . . .RMB 588 rises

B of flatlet of administrative single person. . . . . . . . .RMB 598 rises

Flatlet of standard single person. . . . . . . . .RMB 638 rises

A of flatlet of administrative single person. . . . . . . . .RMB 668 rises

B of administrative two-men flatlet. . . . . . . . .RMB 668 rises

Recreational facilities

Massage room of room of fitness of ping-pong room swimming-pool
Sauna room

Meal establishment

Guest room of bar of hall of Western-style food of Chinese meal hall sends eat the service

Traffic information

Be apart from from the airport (kilometer) : 40 (be apart from Pudong airport 30 kilometers)
Be apart from from the railway station (kilometer) : 16
Be apart from from downtown (kilometer) : 13
Mouth of home leaving land is apart from (kilometer) : 10

Hotel address : Road of Chinese littleleaf box of Pudong new developed area 18 (Pudong new developed area)
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