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The top five-star hotels in Beijing restaurant
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As a hotel, especially the five-star luxury hotel, in addition to luxurious accommodation, the food will naturally become an inmate to be considered one of the primary condition. But in the major luxury hotels, dining, or Western-style main restaurant is difficult to see in the figure. Will be described below, is the five-star hotel in the capital hidden in the Chinese restaurant, the recipes you want to bring new experience. In James - Hilton's classic novel "Lost Horizon", the paradise for the "Shangri-La" is like a palace in the air in the layers of clouds, so deeply fascinated by the hero, brought him infinite memories. Now, the virtual world desirable Shang Palace Shangri-La restaurant in Beijing was a perfect interpretation. Located on the second floor of the Shang Palace, overlooking the hotel's picturesque beauty of Chinese gardens. John Chan from Hong Kong's designers with their rich imagination and inspiration to give the elegant Shang Palace Smart, rhyme flow in the image. At the restaurant entrance, the sophisticated design of the open kitchen to cook superb culinary skills to life unfolded in front of guests, feel at home for the guests to bring. Classic marble, granite and gold glass as a decoration, used in the design and modern, stylish and the whole restaurant to bring traditional Chinese style; and walnut imported from Canada in the use of walls and furniture, and expensive precious stones and decorative details of shellfish, called finishing touch for elegant and stylish design adds a touch of warmth. In the Shang Palace of the hall, two Chinese pavilion dining area is the design focus. "Pavilion" is surrounded by the support of the seven golden lamp posts, which can accommodate six guests, the atmosphere unique and beautiful elegance. Day, Shang Palace restaurant sunny; night, clever and stylish lighting to warm red, brown, orange and other main color, to create a more intimate dining. The Shang Palace restaurant can accommodate 195 people at the same meal. 9 rooms are elegant peony, lily, chrysanthemum flowers and other colorful names, each has a separate entrance and a different design style, can accommodate 6-20 people dining. The largest "black bamboo room" area of 110 square meters, is an excellent choice of small dinner. Master chefs from Hong Kong, with its wealth of experience Zhoukai Fang, superb cuisine and sincere intentions, led his team of chefs, authentic Cantonese cuisine for guests to perform fine and afternoon tea, snacks. Meanwhile, the Shang Palace restaurant, across the country often launched by Shangri-La Hotel, a very local style food festival, more to the theme of seasonal ingredients food marketing.