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Hotel by the "roasted whole lamb" grab Christmas dinner
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To see snow, see wild animals, eating roasted whole lamb ... ... There are 10 days away from Christmas, the city's major star hotel have started preparations. Unlike previous years, this year's Christmas dinner on the market, there were many figures of the hotel area, an advantage of the outdoor area also appeared in the Christmas roasted whole lamb on the menu. Nanchuan Foshan Jin Jiang Star Holiday Hotel, the two will be rel eased on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day "celebration snow, Christmas," Carnival activities. In the Christmas period, the public can not only see the snow up the mountain, but also to see Miao style performances, BBQ buffet, live to eat roasted whole lamb. Yongchuan Wildlife World hotel, also introduced a feature Christmas dinner, Christmas Eve can not only enjoy the traditional Christmas roast turkey, but also quite enjoy the taste of roasted whole lamb in China, but have to book in advance. In the lobby of Sofitel Forebase, a giant Christmas gingerbread house has been unveiled. It is reported that up to 260 kg between the Bakery's excellent selection of ingredients, baking gingerbread pieces out of more than 7,000 bricks, took a month to build from, called the gingerbread houses of Chongqing, the most. Draw to attract customers into the hotel's preferred means. Such as days at the hotel on Christmas Eve to Christmas dinner for the guests to draw prizes including luxury Swiss Tissot, laptop, iphone cell phone, hotel experience vouchers and other gifts. Million Dayi out of 55 U.S. hotel-inch LCD TV, Ipad, Iphone4 other prizes. Days hotel sales personnel, this year's Christmas dinner is scheduled earlier than usual, and more popular, currently scheduled out hundreds of tickets had been. Reporters have learned from other hotels, many hotels also just launched the marketing of Christmas, but generally scheduled around the Liucheng.