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Interest of Spring Festival consumption adds 16% meal the strongest
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Newest market data shows Department of Commerce, by good year 30 to the first month of the lunar year first 6 (came on Feburary 6 on Feburary 12) , total volume of retail sales of Chinese society consumable 2, 55 billion yuan (RMB. Similarly hereinafter) , than going up Jinzhou grows year of Spring Festival 16% the left and right sides, industry of water of its Chinese meal grows more amount to 18% . The authority concerned is overcoming snow calamity effect hard, safeguard market is supplied. Rat year commodity of Spring Festival home market is rich, supply enough, the price is stable.

Disaster area leaves south boreal dish

Supply to ensure disaster area market, department of Commerce, Ministry of finance put central reserve on the flesh to the heavy disaster area such as Guizhou, Anhui, Jiangsu, arranged 400 thousand tons of vegetable to sell past disaster area.

Branch of director of each district commerce all allocates and transport to disaster area necessaries of life and lash-up goods and materials. Hainan province allocates and transport to outback organization everyday 10, 000 tons of right-and-left vegetable, melon and fruit, basically supply disaster area market. And other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan contacts supply of goods of lash-up goods and materials providing disaster relief, boost disaster area.

In January since the middle ten days of a month, demand of the consumption before sufferring low rain snow to put aspic calamity, section on the ice is exuberant wait for element influence, each district vegetable, flesh kind wait for price of necessaries of life to have relatively rise substantially. Alleviate along with the situation of a disaster during the Spring Festival, traffic is carried restore stage by stage, each protect those who offer measure to carry out reach the designated position, value of necessaries of life is total hasten is firm, price of vegetable, flesh, egg is different rate fall after a rise.

Snow calamity is supplied besides influence goods and materials outside, the Spring Festival that also affected inland travels. Do according to Beijing holiday express, because climate calamity and holiday plan are adjusted, number of travel of line of circumference of Spring Festival gold declines somewhat, provincial town goes to Beijing tourist add up to 650 thousand person-time, drop compared to the same period 21.7% , travel income is 1.29 billion yuan, drop compared to the same period 23.5% . As to leave the country swim to help motive force with what citizen this locality swims still driving.

Peking Man leaves the country during the festival swim to innovate again tall, leave the country by what travel agent organizes tourist number achieves 46 thousand person-time, grow 3.4% compared to the same period. Citizen of 7 days of Beijing travelled in Beijing in the past number 1.61 million person-time (do not contain) of temple fair number, grow 2.5% compared to the same period, travel consumes defray 300 million yuan, grow 10% compared to the same period.
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