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Southern new city is brought endowment 10 billion yuan are built exceed hotel of
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Regard the Changchun City as a new city downtown, every walk out of southern new city one pace, be paid close attention to, will it give Changchun this city what surprise to bring? How many miracle can you create for the history again? Reporter a few days ago from south close city economy developing zone to understand, afterwards greenbelt group falls formally a southern part is new after the city, luxuriant group invests Hong Kong world 10 billion yuan of RMBs, administration will be built in southern new city area of office division, the business affairs central and high-grade uptown, total floor area is 2.3 million square metre about, already signed investment intent book at present. Such " with great quantity " already drew the outline of southern new city it seems that of the of great momentum " thick lines " , its settle still will introduce 500 strong strategy partners of much home world to garrison Changchun, bring bigger business chance to the Changchun City.

Build Changchun head home to exceed hotel of 5 stars class

As we have learned, luxuriant group is building Hong Kong generation side of hotel of 5 stars class is having mark sex all the time " masterpiece " , hotel of Shanghai royal Ai Mei, luxuriant Yue hotel is its work. According to introducing, luxuriant group already was in the world Changchun registers fund the project company of 49.98 million dollar, the item that the plan makes basically has business affairs area and business to live area two parts, the center of area of centrally business affairs, construction 3 freeboard layer indicates the gender is built, height is in 150 meters respectively, 200 meters are controlled with 300 meters.

Among them, be in those who cover an area of about 30 hectare " golden chatelaine shopping mall lives with boreal business business plot " , the program is in highly the high-level building of 200 meters of above, use as exceed hotel of 5 stars class, periphery will cooperate to make the high-quality goods market that deserves to have large trade establishment, and the business of the 200 thousand square metre that covers suitably to it lives project, total floor area is 800 thousand square metre about. In the meantime, be in those who cover an area of about 10 hectare " horn of northwest of program CBD square 4 ground " inside, the freeboard layer that the program parts twice to be controlled with 150 meters for 300 meters highly is built, large shopping center builds all round, include office building, large Shopping Mall, recreational recreation to experience a center to wait among them, cover an area of an area to be 300 thousand square metre about.

The low density that builds 1.5 million square metre lives community

In the meantime, luxuriant group will be in the world 102 countries with north, nursery and water works live with the business south plot, the program makes an appointment with 120 hectare with ground area, plan 1.5 million square metre to control (floor area) low density is high quality international living community, compare with the residential photograph of old the city zone, the environment is more beautiful, the function is more all ready. According to introducing, low density residence is in recent years the popular topic on estate market, it is the residence that is main feature with tall afforest rate, low volume ratio, the city waits to be able to see in Beijing, Shanghai, it is real improvement living quality, creation the mainstream residence product of environment of ideal person house.
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