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Harbor hotel sky of land of 250 thousand sea proposes formula
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Valentine's Day drawing near, public house of Hong Kong much home rolls out formula of luxurious Valentine's Day, among them more valuable the courtship of 250 thousand HK dollar formula, be designed for a person with high aspirations and determination and arrange unforgettable courtship process.

Spokesman of hotel of Hong Kong intercontinental expresses, the hotel will roll out valence to be worth 90 thousand HK dollar, 120 thousand HK dollar and the sea of 250 thousand HK dollar, land, sky to propose during the Valentine's Day formula. If did not reach the level that talks about marriage talking to marry, a romantic candle power night snack also is right choice, intercontinental hotel Valentine's Day that evening dinner already had 7 to become revise a rate, price differs to 1400 HK dollar by 900 HK dollar.

Huang Guanlin of manager of department of meal of hotel of bright a person of extraordinary powers represents part of Hong Kong flourishing, the dinner price inside Valentine's Day schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater differs to 2000 HK dollar by 900 HK dollar this year, show level to already received the inquiry of a lot of guests. Additional, hotel of bright a person of extraordinary powers still rolls out a nearly 10 thousand yuan Valentine's Day plan, also already many guests call inquiry.

According to this media coverage, during the Valentine's Day, the spending that the man gets on in the flower is none skimpy also, cost 800 HK dollar on average last year, already rose to be controlled to 1200 HK dollar this year. Horticultural flower shop spends profusion art division Chen Peishan expresses, this year the chooses form of incline to Europe combination of Valentine's Day flower, except the rose, tulip, horse's hoof orchid also is popular option.

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