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Meal of Shanghai the eve of the lunar New Year every desk is average 1699 yuan
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Shanghai classics appoint data of count of economic moving point shows, every desk consumes meal of the eve of the lunar New Year of dining-room of Spring Festival Shanghai, restaurant on average this year amount to 1699 yuan. According to investigation, farewell pig year receive rat year night of the New Year's Eve, the 161 meal business that Shanghai gets investigation leaves a meal of the eve of the lunar New Year thirteen thousand eight hundred desk, realize business income 23.38 million yuan, grow compared to the same period respectively 5.1% with 14.6% .

Investigation shows, more and more Shanghai people begin favour novel, close " outside sell meal of the eve of the lunar New Year the formula " . Occupy only Huang Pu, static how, Lu Wan area and statistic of group of bright and beautiful river, formula of meal of the eve of the lunar New Year of the work off before the section achieves sixty-four thousand two hundred, soar compared to the same period 39.6% .

In addition, spring Festival golden week is medium this year, banquet of marriage of Shanghai meal course of study, home banquet is centered, recreational snack is prosperous, aggregate implementation business income 96.87 million yuan, grow 16.7% compared to the same period.

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