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Limited company of Shanghai Pudong big public house transfers 45% equity
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Limited company of Shanghai Pudong big public house rises to hang out his shingle with thirty-nine million one hundred and two thousand and fifty yuan before 45% equity division sell one's own things, those who make over is Shanghai electric power the share of hold of industrial head office.

Shanghai combines exposure of property right bourse, limited company of Shanghai Pudong big public house belongs to hotel industry, for state-owned and absolutely control a finite liability company (state-owned equity 50% above) , held water on December 29, 1993, scope of operations is hired for office building rent, sale of building packaging material, metal stuff, food, accommodation, card pulls card of OK hall, chess to include a house, teahouse, hairdressing, fitness, sauna, meeting Wu serves, parking lot library is managed etc. Legal representative Fan Xia.

Trade with was on November 30, 2007 fiducial day, total assets of Shanghai Pudong big public house one hundred and seventy-four million nine hundred and thirty thousand yuan, among them fixed assets one hundred and sixty-one million two hundred and forty thousand yuan, liquid assets 13.69 million yuan, always be in debt 88.04 million yuan, possessory rights and interests 86.89 million yuan. Management circumstance not beautiful, business income of before its one year thirty-four million eight hundred and thirty-eight thousand eight hundred yuan, net profit - 2.23 million yuan.

Making over the basic requirement that just puts forward to make over is: By trade day of contract become effective trades to stop to property right since fiducial day, the company of mark manages a gender to profit and loss just is enjoyed by contributive scale by sell one's own things or be assumed; Make over money paid for something purchased or received for something sold to need to trade in property right inside 3 weekday after contract become effective paid. Alienee ought to be provided have good financial standing and business standing, do not have risk of major be involved in a lawsuit nearly 3 years, management behavior does not have bad record.

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