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Profit amounted to Coke Cola last year 711 million dollar
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The biggest fill outfit company below Coke Cola banner and beverage sale business 佈 of the ruler of heaven of yesterday of Coke Cola company 2007 outstanding achievement, show last year net 711 million dollar, annual income is 20.9 billion dollar, successful make up the deficits and get surpluses.

And 2006, caustic of net loss of Coke Cola company reachs 1.1 billion dollar, income also has 19.8 billion dollar only. Every income 2007 is 1.46 dollars, than last year 2.41 dollars have every loss greatly improvement. It is reported, gained profit last year, basically be indebted the growth at North America and European beverage demand, the cost pressure that offsetted raw material rises thereby.

At present enterprise of Coke Cola of Coke Cola hold makes an appointment with the equity of 35% . Coke Cola predicts to also will be in now before reopen after a cessation of business of American stock market fair 佈 2007 outstanding achievement.

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