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Quick hotel already entered off-season price to reduce 3 into
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The reporter learns, begin from last week, quick hotel is entered rate all appear downtrend, house price also appeared 30% right-and-left callbacks.

According to Harbin city controller of a quick hotel introduces, from this year the room begins to book at the beginning of January increase, enter rate achieve 90% above for a time. During this, of all kinds and quick hotel had Harbin city generally price one's style of work as well as one's moral quality is whole, moved on 30% the left and right sides, although rise in price, during Dan Zaichun part grows a holiday, very much quick hotel falls to get a room very hard in the circumstance that did not book.

Hotel controller introduces style of Harbin the natural bonds and ethical relationships between members of a family, as the Spring Festival long holiday ends, enter at present rate had dropped 40% the left and right sides, and be affected by southern transportation situation, the room that books on a lot of original nets is cancelled, house price also reduced 40 yuan from 158 yuan, enter at present rate is general drop in 20% above.

According to Harbin 10 thousand amount to a holiday relevant controller introduces quick hotel, begin from now, harbin town quick public house has been entered manage off-season, preliminary the management that predicts quick hotel is off-season will last to April end.

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