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Changsha citizen Spring Festival consumes 3.2 billion yuan, meal consumes 500 mi
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This Spring Festival that just goes, changsha person spending amounts to 3.2 billion yuan. The information that bureau of city business affairs releases yesterday says, total volume of retail sales of consumable of society of Changsha of Spring Festival golden week grows compared to the same period amount to 15% , only meal consumption has 500 million yuan.

This year the Spring Festival, rate of Changsha person go on a journey is reduced, heighten is led in the home. According to business affairs bureau investigation shows, during the Spring Festival, sale of inn of each big general merchandise grows Changsha generally compared to the same period 20% above. Via rough estimation, during the Spring Festival, day of discharge of person of peddling estate market all is as high as pace of Huang Xingna road 150 thousand person-time, among them, sale of 7 days arranges the golden week 91 million yuan, relatively the corresponding period grew 16% last year. The Spring Festival management forehead of 7 days, be equivalent to common the summation of a month.

"Eat " also be important consumptive segment. During the Spring Festival, momentum of Changsha meal market is prosperous, consume a group to be given priority to with this locality guest. According to statistic, market of meal of whole town golden week is close 500 million yuan, grow about 16% compared to the same period; Round year of meal about 5700 much desks, turnover evens more 60 million yuan, grow about 20% compared to the same period. Enterprise of meal of a few well-known trademarks is round before the balcony section of year of meal one many month books one sky, come loose even the hall already ordered hard also.

Spend the New Year wash bathe foot, hubble-bubble, become popular issue. During the Spring Festival, wash bath recreational company business is thriving. Spring Festival golden week, broad bath of blue sky of green jade water, sea, the business of 8 famous square that wash bath such as cabinet of green jade billows is very hot, recieve a client to even more 100 thousand person-time, guest discharge and income relatively on year the corresponding period breaks up one time.

In addition, the high-grade goods such as bullion gem, car suffers in the Spring Festival chase after hold in both hands. The Spring Festival 7 days, in south car world sells car in all 1020. Inn of domestic embellish much rising sun, sale of 2999 yuan wine of table of 15 years of Chen Mao breaks through price 80 thousand yuan. The bullion gem sale of general merchandise of well of king government office amounts to two million eight hundred and thirty-three thousand one hundred yuan, grow 34.31% compared to the same period.

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