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The home after the Spring Festival swims highest fall hotel of 5000 yuan of civi
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There is a travel every year after the Spring Festival passes off-season, but the number of the go on a journey after the Spring Festival is not decreased this year add instead. "Weather of ice and snow affected person of go on a journey to enrage, after reductive tourist amount reached a red-letter day centrally subsequently during the golden week. " the personage inside course of study says, this year Spring Festival hind till the go on a journey end Feburary relatively concentration, with look of the corresponding period is more than the number last year two to 3 into.

After the golden week " low storm " it is a when attract citizen go on a journey main factor, yesterday (21 days of) , the reporter learns from travel agent, after Spring Festival golden week, each circuitry price goes low all the way, home swims fall control in 1000 yuan, single line product depreciates at most achieve 5000 multivariate. It is with Hainan exemple, 4 stars are pure during the Spring Festival play a group to sell 5680 yuan, fall after the section 1950 yuan, other line is like new moon of Guilin Li Jiang Yang 4 stars are pure play swam to also drop from 3650 yuan 2250 yuan, and the circuitry such as Yunnan, Sichuan also will drop considerably, fall at most 50% .

According to divulging, what remove payoff to price of go on a journey basically is hotel and airline ticket. Strength of the go on a journey after the section is relative less, the respect such as civil aviaton, hotel depreciates in succession take a settle or live in a strange place, league membership dues is more accordingly favourable.

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