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Source of Tianjin brigade idle fund: 07 years total investment is broken through
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The Tianjin city travel that holds from a few days ago learns on working conference, effect of development of conformity of resource of this city travel is distinct. To the end of last year, area of scene of Tianjin class A already amounted to 35, its are mediaeval beauty spot of culture street, Panshan has the honor to win a country title of first 5A scene area. Demonstrative dot of travel of industry and agriculture achieves 14. Current, whole town travels in what build and plan big project in all 20, hotel of fast star class 20. According to preliminary count, whole last year town realizes travel total investment to break through 10 billion yuan.

City travel department and each district government and relevant section are advanced energetically " latter-day China sees Tianjin " 12 travel board piece development construction, in the program design, capital attraction, land is arranged, the respect such as project construction obtained significant progress. 8 when build basically already now board piece include " charm of old city ferry " , " willow ancient town " , " Pu Yi former residence " , " charm of Europe land wind " , " way station training " , " ferry defends a cradle " , " meaning abstruse amorous feelings; Mixing 4 of the construction that start in farther perfect program board piece include " foreign Wu traces to the source " , " Oriental Paris " , " Lai mattress small town " and " financial name street " .

According to edge conformity development, edge pushs the train of thought to the market, involuntary discharge of urine of culture of former residence of the scene architecture with city tourism finer to fundamental condition jointly with concerned branch bureau, celebrity, history is put and municipal landscape undertook the product is changed " small development " . City tourism bureau and city Haihe River did a plan to roll out Jin Shangqiao and musical fountain to time open goes sightseeing new project; Last year " 11 " the golden week restores open again film of act of day tower water; Monarched newly in 5 highways with peaceful area former residence of 10 place celebrity sees a drop, in 30 place scene building visited a dot to install guide see implement, be welcomed by the tourist.

In the meantime, tourist attraction of area of this city scene and travel establishment construction also gain new headway ceaselessly. Setose thiste county developed city of temple of dish of Shandalin, upper part, thistle the 14 travel project such as Wen Miao, started Pan Shanjin center of conference of green jade international is large go vacationing base construction; Black area completed project of rehabilitate of first phase of Home Dong courtyard on the west, started construction of project of beauty spot of duck form sediment; Park of theme of aircraft carrier military affairs developed sciamachy field to wait for new project, beach of the Eight Diagrams is recreational insular building practice; Polar and marine world already fulfilled Tianjin the project uses the land, "Oriental princess " date You Lun rebuilds the project is started in the round. Big public house, dragon Yue hotel, contest resembles Tianjin center hotel, Weisiting the hotel of class of more than 20 fast star such as the edifice is accelerating construction; Beijing ferry class hotel already built 7 Gao Xing such as hotel of restaurant of Xin Chengkai Yue, seaside holiday restaurant, gold lustre practice.
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