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Shandong Spring Festival approves 0 meal sale 7 days to amount to 10 billion
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Save classics trade from Shandong appoint know, according to monitoring, 0 meal enterprise is approved to achieve commodity sale during the Spring Festival this year 10 billion yuan, grow 17.4% compared to the same period.

The section celebrates commodity is main trend of Spring Festival spending, food, cosmetic, style, gem, formal wait for kind of commodity sell like hot cakes, consumptive class also relatively in former years rises somewhat. In enterprise of Jinan city key high-grade food and flourishing of clothbound ceremony box are sold, all sorts of fish, holothurian sales volume is compared grow 30% above at ordinary times; The rare fruit sales volume such as the commodity such as the holothurian, abalone of market of power sea city, crab and pineapple honey, 100 sweet fruit, egg fruit grows 60% above compared to the same period.

In addition, gold jewelry becomes a dweller to consume new window, brand gold is hanged and auger act the role of category to last sell like hot cakes, gold price rises to also drive the addition of sale considerably. Qingdao profit objective comes, Mackay's happy jewelry sale all grew 1 times the left and right sides, key of Wei lane city attempers sale of enterprise bullion jewelry grows 32% considerably, linyi grows 23% . In high-grade and recreational dress, medium sale of clothing of senile brand dress, vogue daughter outfit, children rises sharply, most city sale grows two to become the left and right sides. Electronic commodity pursues novel style ceaselessly, home appliance is consumed with each passing day high end, sell like hot cakes of electric subclass gift, sales volume of most key business grows two to become the left and right sides compared to the same period.

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