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Singapore lion city looks in fashionable hotel useful
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Business affairs hotel and Hip Hotel resemble the person of extreme of case of two individual character: An easy deal with concrete matters relating to work but inflexible and depressing, one is entered model boast and exaggerate however into case empty. Do a traveller, face such choice, sigh like the heroine that can resemble triangle only call: It is good to if they written guarantee twice,synthesize a person. Kick off before long Singapore Naumi Hotel, it is a so ideal lover, be pleasant to the eye also useful, as it happens suits capricious you.

Last year in September the Naumi Hotel of practice, be hotel of Singapore high-quality goods is newest, be located in lion city most the Laifoshi of famous hotel (at the back of Raffles Hotel) , count the Yao of the pace nevertheless with Mint toy museum. The hotel of outside fashionable, actually predecessor is Kyoto hotel (Metropole Hotel) , 8 months time transforms classics weak point, reincarnate into the Boutique Hotel that has 40 rooms only.

Renown division moves to make urban forest

Resemble public house of all high-quality goods, naumi arrives by wall chair, the hand of out name division: Advocate logic construction and interior design are Singapore company Eco-id, its work includes Bangkok Metropolitan and Maldives W Hotel. Stylist Sim Boon Yang today second make Naumi urban oasis: Inspiration comes from the wall outside the iron plate of Japanese paper folding, the holiday can climb full greenery with time; Wait for the silvan design that is a problem with flowers and plants, monkey, peacock, frog, all over the place such as 佈 mirror, wall, build delicate " urban forest " ; The light that still has the Italian Designer Chair such as Poltrona Frau and renown division design is acted the role of etc.

Female floor famous brand nurses taste all ready

Besides good-looking, the hotel is the most important still is good live. Naumi will among them a building delimits for female floor, set door of security personnel glass, individual of Aesop of Australia of all fronts of the stock inside the room nurses things, include what these average public houses won't provide water of skin of discharge makeup fluid, bright to protect skin to taste. Other room also uses the public house fluid of Aesop shampoo, bath.

Additional, every room has continuous Fiji Water to offer, still Nespresso coffee machine connects coffee pink, Numi all drink in organic tea bag, freezer, cooky desk and organic Su Mi are fastfood, collect fees not additionally entirely; Inside the room of 34 flatlet class or above, all set small-sized kitchen, deploy cup dish bowl dish, furnace of ark of 5 呎 Gao Xue, electromagnetism, many person furnace, have domestic feeling very much.

Get online freely Wii Xbox allows to play

Although the hotel does not have formal dining room, dan Datang Naumi Bar supplies breakfast by day, champagne is supplied indefinitely; Change to become public house personally in the evening, cooperate the lamplight that Jiang Huaxiang as kind of sweet grass and colour unreal changes, fashionable and special. The room is not had very landscape, but top layer has can look at Laifoshi center of art of seaside of hotel down to (the Infinity Pool that Esplanade) takes a view, sit in Chi Panxin to admire this in the evening inapproachable beautiful scene, freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting does not pass. Pains after a day, also can come a sweet bath aing kind of sweet grass, choose Molton Brown, Dr. The product such as Hauschka, charge 50 Singapore money () of about 275 HK dollar.
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