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Win award of diamond of 5 5 stars with happy meal group
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Liang Zhaoji of hutch Wu chief inspector is rolled out in Beijing " movement of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day " classic of contemporary Chinese meal

On Feburary 26, singapore is famous meal interlinks an enterprise " with happy meal group " in its general cold room branch of China trade center holds royal prize-giving ceremony, celebrate issue square of cold room east with division of happy meal group advocate inn (Beijing) , bright and beautiful cottage (Shanghai) He Xinhua (Singapore) the award of 5 stars diamond that wins American excellent service to learn scientificly to award, be the same as president of happy meal group at the same time Mr Zhou Jiameng is awarded prize of lifelong achievement of individual of 5 stars diamond, liang Zhaoji of hutch Wu chief inspector's Great Master is awarded prize of chef of 5 stars diamond.

American excellent service learns chairman JosephCinque scientificly to serve as specially of honorary honored guest to come round to attend this to award prize from new York celebration is personally grant 5 large award with happy meal group.

It is right that American excellent service learns scientificly worldwide inside the orgnaization that the person above average of the famousest travel and luxury service industry undertakes assess, learn every year to award prize of its most exalted 5 stars diamond 5 stars class to serve the enterprise of character and individual merely, this one award also be the world go up exclusive internationally the attestation award that serves character, be known as service industry " Oscar " .

The new-style Chinese food that has leader place as Singapore interlinks an enterprise, each dining-room that is the same as happy group report bear its distinctive management thought, namely the food of high quality cate, excellent service and innovation is Trinitarian. The success of element of this 3 gist is united in wedlock, make countless praise and honor were won in meal course of study with happy group, the biggest great event that includes Asian cate group - the praise and honor that peak of world name hutch meets.

JosephCinque is having rich experience in the domain of decide on awards through discussion of travel, hotel, luxurious consumer goods, to the achievement with happy meal group, josephCinque offerred sufficient affirmation: "The public house of 5 stars class that award of 5 stars diamond awards those having every year highest service quality only and dining-room, can become with happy meal group this year substantial name puts in the winner of award of 5 stars diamond 's charge, this one honor affirmed with happy the sense of responsibility that every employee reflects to the guest hourly everyday, this is the soul of a successful dining-room! This is the soul of a successful dining-room!!

To having the honor to win this special honour, with happy group president Mr Zhou Jiameng expresses: "With happy group all the time since with ceaseless innovation, do sth unconventional or unorthodox celebrated, the every meal concept that creates almost, eye-catching. By what be the same as happy initiate " new-style in dish " , get international meal bound is agreed with extensively, already became Singapore meal course of study to develop the mainstream nowadays, main effect was produced in the appearance course that changes job of Singapore Chinese meal. Can win the affirmation on international and commend and award this, no matter be group of happy to be the same as meal, or to my individual, it is very big honor, it is the milepost that has important sense with a when happy development comes for years, also be to be the same as happy meal group to move toward the world, show the window with China pithy cate to the world. Show the window with China pithy cate to the world..
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