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Swiss hotel joined day of number 15 years last year highest
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Bureau of Swiss federal statistic says 27 days, 2007, swiss hotel enters day of number to obtain 15 years to come optimal achievement, grew 4.6% than 2006, add from 34.8 million days to 36.4 million days.

Statistical bureau says Swiss federal, the main reason of growth is to occupy a day to count the foreign tourist of 58% to entered day of number to grow 6.5% . In the meantime, swiss franc devalues the tourist that attracted Swiss neighbour. Day of number is joined in Swiss hotel in, the proportion that German tourist place holds is highest, amount to 17% , it is British tourist next, for 6.3% , american tourist is 4.6% .

Swiss tourism bureau predicted that day, 2008 only European soccer tournament can increase Swiss hotel to join day of number 500 thousand days or so.

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