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British discount travel has trap ten million pound is cheated on the net
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Through 6 weeks of cognizance, england is the biggest one of travel bilk cases come to an end 26 days. British London alls alone Saiwo overcomes crown court to rule, 4 members of bilk gang make wait for multinomial accusation false. But the court did not have measurement of penalty that day.

Network bilk

This bilk gang by 3 male one female composition, they are the Kelisidajisi Philip that is 64 years old, Peter Kenpu of 52 years old, Yi of 40 years old respectively. Philip and Leo dagger card conspire, wait for 5 accusation to hold water false, leo dagger blocks 4 accusation to hold water.

England " peaceful interview person newspaper " report of data of court of 27 days of cite, this bilk gang passes Internet and graph article TV, the lie calls the person that go vacationing to offer low discount journey to serve. They purchase company of journey of holiday of London much home early or late, in work off a large number of low discounts go vacationing after the journey serves, put out go bankrupt company, and did not offer client place to order a service at all. Police estimates at present, this gang has been cheated from inside 8000 victim hands at least 12 million pound (add up to) of 24 million dollar about.

Enteweisier is not the bankrupt of settle debt, he lives in Samosaite in the apartment that county Ye Ao Weier presses down to have 11 bedrooms. Philip and Leo dagger block Kenxindu a value 2 million pound (4 million dollar) in the residence. 4 members of the gang often can be enjoyed luxurious swim, and those victims are not had because of airline however book a record to be stranded the airport.

Expend scheming quite

Police investigation discovery, this bilk gang came 2004 center of a call is built between 2006, 54 thousand pound is cost later (108 thousand dollar) stylist of employ major webpage, establish Holidays4under200pounds.com and Sunmedresorts.com two websites, publicize service of journey of low discount holiday to the person that go vacationing through the network, buy in order to attract tourist. And these services were not offerred actually.

Of network fraud disclose only then in August 2006. At that time, because somebody alleges,the flight of saltant Atlantic is browbeaten by safety, the order person that many journeys serve calls to airline check airliner, result the accused knows those who do not have them to book a record. These clients report a case to the security authorities to police subsequently, police begins the two cover company that runs to this bilk gang to launch investigation.

Teletext also helps business of advisory service of civil aviation bureau of association of British travel agent, England and graph article TV cheek by jowl London police investigation. Since 2000, bilk group is opposed since civil aviation bureau of association of British travel agent, England and Teletext company organization, devote oneself to to answer and prevent travel industry to appear jointly fraudulent action.
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