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Australian hotel business is amounted to 7 years 1.63 billion bay yuan
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Australian hotel trades the activity was achieved 2007 1.63 billion bay yuan, surmounted 2006 1.22 billion bay yuan reach 2004 1.59 billion bay yuan. Investor of this result proof holds positive attitude and the hope that reach travel industry to Asia-Pacific region public house to Australian hotel property.

At 2007, market of Australian hotel estate appears 37 main (every overbalance Wu Baimo yuan) trade, among them most a large amount of trading include Magenshidanli to buy GrandHotelGroup company to reach sell ParkHyattSydney public house recently at Japan a private property investor. President of division of Asia-Pacific of ministry of hotel of travel of intermediate quantity couplet Mr DavidGibson says " hotel trade performance of Australia is very good, develop besides local economy good outside, still add this locality company that has powerful spending power to support rear additionally " .

In Australia, investor needs on average to pay $312 at every guest room, 152 bay yuan. Vice president of administration of sale of investment of ministry of hotel of travel of intermediate quantity couplet Mr MarkDurran expresses " with respect to sale status of annual hotel property character, hotel all standard of all equipment high quality, overall and character rises than 2006 hundred 52.4 " .

Asian investor already return Australia market, occupy a hotel to trade the 35- phase of total investment is majorrer than there was the hundred investment of 4 only last year add piece. Mr Durran says " however this locality investment also is had hundred 62, reason of foreign investor return rolls out the market to sell in the property that has high quality on the market " .

Investor of active Australian this locality includes to invest the parent company AmalgamatedHoldingsLimited of fund company AbacusPropertyGroup and RydgesHotelsandResorts.

Mr Gibson says: "Right at increase more to trade the foreground of the project will be controlled the sells amount and scared future interest growth at Australian hotel property. " be behaved to trading at current and active hotel and character, a lot of investor choose strategy of the property on hold hand.

Investor will consider powerful profit growth, in other kind among the property investment of form very inaccessible same standard. Mr Durran points out " invest a respect to compare with other, what hotel place offers is tall anticipate reach potential reappearance to exhibit a hotel to reach haunt go vacationing hotel project, will continue to attract more investor, company of for example ValadPropertyGroup bought SirStamfordDoubleBay(Ritz)andSheratonNoosa 2007 two hotels, before this this company never participates in project of property of investment public house " .

Mr Gibson says " although a lot of cities have,trade the word is moved, but the most active still is to be centered in Kun Shilan city, Xin Nawei Er person, Victoria and on the west Australia " . Investor pays attention to the situation that invests the market quite. Mr Gibson still says " because rate of the market demand with the price of daily and average room that major Australia market records so that have growth, driving growth, tall housing is major the guest room of city other people is supplied stabler " .
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