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Hotel business shows a turn from loss to profit
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The gain before hotel, agriculture reachs the horticultural, duty that still has other business is having the growth of 1 times above. Hotel business from the deficit of 1.31 million 4 1000 your auspicious before, show a turn from loss to profit to the 940 thousand your auspicious last year; Agriculture and horticultural business also the 710 thousand 5 1000 your auspicious from the year before last year, strong raise comes 2 1000 2.02 million 1 1000 your auspicious.

The respect of carry of whole airport battalion that is in old horse airport, the turnover of this company also stand firm is in 1.2 billion 6 1000 9.31 million 2 1000 your auspicious, relatively raise rose 2006 18.09% to 1 billion 7 1000 4.86 million 7 1000 your auspicious.

Gain also at the same time outspread 44.20% to 400 million 9 1000 3.86 million 4 1000 your auspicious.

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