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The United States pulls Si Wei to add Si Bin house to discover castor-oil plant
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The United States pulls Siweijiasi police confirmed on Feburary 29, a packet of when in place room of a hotel discovers powdery substance is castor-oil plant toxin.

Police says, a man enters a room of this guesthouse at the beginning of Feburary, 14 days are sent hospital go to a doctor because of breathing difficulty. His relatives and friends discovered a packet of unidentified substance calls the police when 28 days of rooms that clearing away him to had lived. Classics is preliminary examine, this are unidentified material is castor-oil plant toxin. The man doubt that sends medical service is castor-oil plant toxin toxic, at present be in a bad way.

Police expresses, still not be clear about at present why this room can appear castor-oil plant toxin, but show without evidence this one incident is concerned with terror.

Castor-oil plant toxin is a kind of toxic substance that extracts from inside castor-oil plant seed, colorless insipidity, noxiousness is acuteness.

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