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Golden mantis: The hotel decorates the key of prospective business
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Before the company 3 quarters advocate business Wu income is after the influencing factor that because accounting standard is changed,deducts, advocate level of growth of business Wu income and before a few years of cardinal principle keep consistent. The strategic collaboration of the promotion that produces self-sufficient ability as company part and raw material supplier concerns, the company can come true to be controlled better to cost, the gain ability hopeful of the company gets promotion. .

A few does the company have to be worth to pay close attention to:

-- take a company advocate the builds adornment business interior of 90% above forms business Wu to produce change possibly, the hotel decorates business to develop those who become company future the stress.

-- the casting of capital of company IPO collect to happen fluctuant, suspend what stone material processes business carrying out, turn and add business of endowment act wall, showed the company makes the determination of business of big screen wall actively.

-- open stage by stage as what high-grade building clothbound builds the market, the company is being prepared actively extend this business market.

-- from the company at present of business carry on in light of the circumstance, order in a steady stream is constant, individual contract amount rises ceaselessly, and the company has the capacity that chooses collaboration of high grade client.

-- the company takes brand construction seriously all the time, and ceaseless effort begins the promotion of company brand effect, this is company future business extend laid solid foundation.

The basis is preliminary forecast, every company earnings 2007 will achieve 0.91 yuan, achieved 1.28 yuan 2008.

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