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Assembly room of hotel of Beijing JW10000 a person of extraordinary powers
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Assembly room of hotel of Beijing JW10000 a person of extraordinary powers

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Group a component of China trade center. The house house building of the large market that China trade center has brand of more than 900 3 top class office building, international, high end and Beijing Li Saika Er pause hotel, it is Beijing east sex of mark of on Chang'an Street another important land builds group. Hotel situation is advantageous, be apart from big subway visitting a region to stand only 5 minutes, need 20 minutes to be able to arrive at Tiananmen Square only; Head for capital airport to need 40 minutes only from hotel drive car. The shopping square of new smooth scope of operation that reachs China trade center on foot from the hotel needs 3 minutes only, large shopping supermarket and 24 hours of convenience inn are in nearly very close, advantaged environment is business affairs the superexcellent choice of recreational traveler. Element of the A.d. in hotel confluence, own corridor of old hall wine, a dragon reach 3 dining room, include round-the-clock open recreational dining-room inferior city fashion, the French restaurant that owns house of a substantive package is tasted happy, and a CRU gathers up room, the dragon that has spot band it is the superexcellent place to go that loosens body and mind more. Of hotel of JW10000 a person of extraordinary powers " spring " hydrotherapy and the gymnastical center each shining more brilliantly in the other's company that deserve to have advanced establishment. Business affairs center is round-the-clock 24 hours are opened for the guest, equipment of all sorts of advanced seeing and hearing that supply working place to need and service.

Perfect hotel facilities suits to hold the conference of all sorts of dimensions and party. Cover an area of 1, the mobile conference space of 800 square metre, elder banquet plans as a whole commissioner provides the guest's most excellent service. The shindig hall of the hotel, also be one of Beijing's oldest banqueting hall, convenient undertake the conference of all sorts of size dimensions.

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