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Astral class hotel is clever breath of design concealed commerce
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From 18 centuries 80 time France adds Lai the Dissien of 17173 ' after the inchoate and large public house such as the Covent of S and British London is born, the stimulation that the hotel industry of world each district grows greatly in global industry leaves spring up all over the place, after the brilliant development that passes two many centuries, a lot of hotels had formed global chain to manage, if rare Er pauses,Er of card of hotel, beautiful appearance pauses the hotel is waited a moment.

However, higher and higher to unripe vivid pursuit people is more and more capricious however, they placed captious eye, hotel of class of luxurious to these star makes fun of instead call " average public house " . What these hotels bring people is the life of standardization and rhythm, everything is controlled it is under similar pattern, everything was full of commercial breath, although be on practical function and comfortable sex very perfect very reach the designated position, but the individual character of the design is not outstanding, a little drab even. Industrialization and the hotel design that commerce standardizes obliterated the individual character that the hotel designs, from the building the exterior arrives interior design, deserve to act the role of to display from furniture, have unified level, people need not be entered can foretell inside it is how to be designed, how furnish, cannot arouse fancy spoondrift for the life.

The person has begun to seek delicate life and consumptive way self-consciously, apt is sought there is no lack of a few guileless, simply again however the consumptive experience of individual character. In more and more person eyes, the hotel is not a place that can provide business affairs accommodation and meal only merely any more, and should be more one can offer individuation for people the place of the world of life plan travel. Come so, consumer designs to the hotel " capricious " understandable also. And, as the ceaseless development of socioeconomy, what together with home is forming stage by stage is medium produce reach rich estate, the person demand that enters a public house is higher and higher, the room that they won't come out industrialized production, the space with commercial very grumous breath regards as an is class of a few stars hotel that can say. They hope they leave the room that step more, the room that stays in, it is the place of a friendly feeling that has the home, thereinto can be experienced special warmth and satisfied. May not should have resplendent and magnificent consumable to show off inside, but this space must individualize, have certain reason in and unexpected design, the space can alternate and recombine, line is OK also and fluent and concise, still decorous temperament is in in detail slowly reveal, guest body part can experience hotel space deeply among them in another human feelings.

In Kube hotel of Paris, designed an ice bar, the temperature of set is centigrade 0 15 degrees, the wall inside, the design material of the stage is ice, enter old hall to the clerk gives you warm clothes, the sofa inside is done with flix, the experience of guests feel at home keeps good memory to the guest. In Alexis hotel of Xiyatu, the guest can experience the painter's feeling, make oneself postcard with greasepaint or water coloured drawing or pattern, and the staff member of the hotel is met finally the guest with one's own hands the postcard mail of scale sends corresponding guest, give a guest honest consideration, deep impression is effaced hard. Still have, in the PuertaAmerica hotel of Spanish Madrid, its space designs a powerful and unconstrained style, have any restriction that design a principle hardly. In the sweet candy of old hall grow lubricious maple builds the temperament that gave grace, corridor is to use white leather to come illuminative, square Founder vitreous elevator is opened in each later, can give a guest a brand-new world. The individual character design of these hotels lets a guest feel natural and kind, have do not experience distinctly at what live daily, make the life more rich with multivariate. The guest has such feeling, the individual character of the hotel also is highlighted truly came out, grumous commercial breath got convergence, colliding in the vacuum that cheerful, accident, inspiration is making meticulously, make a person yearning.
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