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Public house of Beijing state guest is big
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Public house of Beijing state guest is big

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The Beijing that state guest hotel is located at rapid development on the west city, border zoo of exhibition of house of state guest of government organization of financial market, nation, Diaoyutai, Beijing, Beijing reachs China couplet business mansion.

Hotel building is 16 tall, have many 500 luxurious guest room, all guest room deserve to have channel of TV of international of interface of phone of two desk, IDD and data electrical outlet, fast Internet, satellite. Place oneself among them, those who let you experience international level is comfortable and enjoy.

Hotel meal establishment is all ready, guest can savour dish of another name for Guangdong Province field in Huang Chaoyu, in garden coffee hall the experience has the buffet of exotic taste, or is gather up in Manhadu the room chooses his favorite beef. The hotel has top-ranking banquet and conference establishment, come less to how to 20 people 1000 people, the hotel all can provide suitable room. Shindig hall all sorts of video conference establishment are all ready, include simultaneous interpretation, high speed to get online, ISDN special railway line and IDD. The late feast that provides technically for the conference, mug-up presses the demand that reflects conference staff completely, satisfy the need of different guest.

The indoor swim pool that the hotel sets borders roof garden of 4 the four seasons, it is admirable rest place, offer establishment of complete fitness, peace and happiness and sauna, Xuan to shed bath, Turkish bath at the same time, advanced gymnastical material and gymnastic room, it is the good place that casts off exhaustion of a day of job, still deserve to have massage room of entertainment room and traditional Chinese medical science.

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