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The father of international restaurant is old curtilage hopeful rehabilitate
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The father of international restaurant is old curtilage hopeful rehabilitate

Residence of works of beer of building of international restaurant, great bright theater, Mu Entang, Wu Kang, Shanghai, Wu Tongwen " green house " ... these are in Shanghai to build Shi Shangding the building of vessel name has same " foreign father " , he is gram of Wu Da of Great Master of Hungarian well-known building. This once had designed many 60 to be full of European amorous feelings to build the Great Master of the style in Shanghai, ceng Zaifan has stayed in a building that he designs on Yu road. And rehabilitate of hopeful of this building general, build a museum.

International restaurant becomes summit summit make

This year is Wu Da overcomes birthday 125 years to mix die 50 years, hungarian republic is stationed in Shanghai consulate general and management board of Shanghai town planning to be held jointly nowadays " a surname Da Kenian " , commemorate the life that its are in Shanghai and building facilities.

The structure of the university that be the same as aid that studies Wu Da is overcome and doctor of rainbow of Huaxia of town planning institute introduce to the reporter, 90 years ago, escape to be overcome to the Wu Da of Shanghai from the battlefield of the the First World War, oneself design career began in Shanghai.

Arrive from 1918 1938, a surname amounted to a gram to leave work of more than 60 constructions in Shanghai, have many symbols that became Shanghai in very long period of time, even among them 1/3 be included Shanghai directory of outstanding and latter-day building. Of among them peak make the international hotel that built 1934 namely undoubtedly, 83.8 meters tall, in all 24 (on the ground 22 underground 2) restaurant owns automatic elevator not only, still opened international long distance call, build have subterranean exchequer. Be in in those days Asia, have so tall contemporary Lou Yu without any city, international restaurant becomes far east accordingly high-rise of the first skyscraping, this " the first high-rise of Shanghai " the record maintained 10 years several even.

Former residence design condenses the condition that considers country

To Wu Da gram, besides design international restaurant, great on Nanjing road bright theater these indicate besides sexual building, he himself loves most, the design builds a most driveway to be afraid is new Hua Lu.

New Hua Lu 211 lane and 329 lane, in 20 centuries 339 time lived to make the foreign national of multilateral home. Wu Da overcomes the building that centers European architectural marrow to here to go up.

1922, a surname amounts to a gram to went up to design a residence for oneself in a Yu road of proximate new Hua Lu eventually. This ring contains a few Hungarian styles curtilage, the longing confluence that captures Wu Da pair of home town is in the building, trigonometry slope carries the window of type of modelling, Dou Feng on the head, decorate to detail from building materials, design, construction, show concise and Anacreontic. Inside at that time decorate very delicate also, have typical Europe classicism. This is located in a Yu road now the office building that 137 building belongs to Shanghai tourism vocational school.
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